Life Lately, Quarantine Edition

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Well, hello, we are, on week eight of life looking different for all of us across the world. Is it day 58? Or day 83? Who knows...

I've been quiet on here mainly because for so many weeks, I didn't feel that I had anything to say. But the truth is, I'm an avid blog reader and content consumer to begin with--which has only been heightened during these endless days. 

Like most, if not all of us, each week has all the emotions. Today, I'm tired and a bit sad because I'm remembering January and all the promise of 2020's beautiful, blank slate. I've seen some videos and old posts from January and February that made me all kinds of wistful. Remember when the biggest topic of discussion was "have you seen Little Women?" and the Internet was filled with a round-up of posts about goals, motivation, and the post-Christmas slump. 

Eight weeks later, I feel like we've settled into the routine of life right now: occasional grocery runs, drive-through coffee only, watching Mass at home, wiping down groceries/keys/door handles religiously, curbside pick-up for everything from office chairs to take-out, daily walks, working from home Zoom calls (and subsequent Zoom burn-out). 

Time is still strange though...March was endless. April felt like a blip, and my brain can't quite grasp that we're in May, which means we're nearly halfway through the year. Give us back our spring, dammit. I have a feeling the next few months of summer will feel equally dream-like, and then suddenly it will somehow be the end of August. 

More than anything, the shift in reality is the strangest thing. Cars are safe spaces. Homes are safe spaces. Offices with doors closed are safe spaces. Bed is the safest place of all. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are sewing masks, making homemade soap, putting together "care packages" of cleaning supplies for us. Packages get the hazmat treatment. Front door drop-offs or parking lot hand-offs are a thing. My sister-in-law went home to quarantine before her graduation announcements arrived in the mail, so a three-day planning summit occurred between her, her roommate who was still in town, and myself. The roommate left it propped by the door. I picked it up wearing gloves. We left it by our door for a few days, and then I addressed and mailed her announcements for a canceled graduation but the still worthwhile achievement of completing her degree. 

We moved two weeks ago which I can say with confidence was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Our movers had been scheduled a while ago but as moving day got closer and closer, we knew we probably had to cancel. As a result, everything took much longer with just the two of us and a Uhaul, but after an extra long weekend, we finished. It has been a rough process especially since we uncovered several issues with the new apartment after we moved in. I knew moving would be hard emotionally even during a normal timeline, but it's been interesting dealing with those emotions and stress on top of...well, everything else that everyone is stressed about right now. It's a lot. We're just trying to keep moving forward and be thankful for what we have. 

Things are slowly starting to open back up again: there's traffic on the roads, more people in the grocery stores, the (limited) option to eat inside restaurants and attend Mass again. Which somehow feels more frightening than simply staying home...after so many weeks of knowing that we had to stay home, there's more unknowns now. More variables, more individual choices. We're still staying home as much as possible, but I keep reminding myself that everyone is trying to make the best choice for themselves and their families. 

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