Winter Tasks to Do While Listening to Audiobooks or Podcasts

Monday, February 17, 2020

I confess to not being much of an audiobook person, only because I love the act of reading so much. But I do love listening to podcasts, especially as a way to enjoy something hands-free while carrying out a necessary task. I'm always looking for more ways to motivate myself to check off a to-do list, and especially if said list includes more mindless tasks like taking out the trash or putting away seasonal clothes. 

Decluttering and cleaning. I do this every January anyways, and it feels like my post-holidays gift to myself to go room by room and restore order while catching up on my favorite podcasts. 

Folding laundry.
Theoretically, I love laundry. I find doing a load satisfying, and pulling clean clothes or  thick, terry towels out of the dryer never gets old. Practically, though, if the pile of items needing to be folded gets to high, I tend to put it off until at last I sit down and power through. 

I'd initially put down baking bread, but cornbread is the only type of baking I currently find myself in the mood for...with the obvious pairing, chili. Loaves of bread to dip into soups work equally as well. I tend to grab a loaf of something from the grocery store and pop it in the oven to warm on nights we make a soup.

Checking the mail. We don't have a dog, but I know so many dog owners who rack up audiobook progress or work their way through their podcast queue while taking pets on daily walks. For now, my quick dashes to check the mail are something I look forward to if I'm in the middle of a podcast episode. 

Prepping dinner.
Is there anything more calming than chopping onions and garlic for a winter stew or hearty pasta dish while listening to a favorite episode? Carbonara, leek and potato soup, and chili are all delicious winter dishes I love making. I'm also a big fan of winter salads with crisp warm chicken. They usually make a surprising amount of leftovers for lunch the next day or two. 

Washing sheets and changing them to warmer bed linens. 
I try to stay on top of regularly washing our sheets and comforter, but I also love all the cold weather options, such as flannel sheets. Soft, thick, and perfect for sliding into in a cold night. We've had such a warm winter overall, though, that I've already had to put ours away. 

Winter walks.
I'm trying to get in fresh air and some type of movement everyday. On the less-than-cheerful days we've had recently, it's harder to stay outside without some form of motivation!

Grocery shopping.
I can't be the only one who does of my favorite ways to introvert is to pop my ear buds in and wander through the grocery store, lost in my own world. The only time this backfires is if I'm listening to something funny and end up trying not to laugh in the aisles. 

Making returns. 
This is one of my favorite errands period simply because there's something satisfying about both getting some money back and I feel like I'm being productive (and enjoying myself) while standing in line. 

Crafting (painting/knitting/sewing/watercoloring/calligraphy). Last year, I got into embroidery after wanting to entertain myself without staring at a screen or printed words. I had so much fun learning to embroider and experimenting with tracing phrases and patterns. Because you're just stitching over the traced pattern, it's easy to do with a podcast on in the background. 

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  1. Grace,
    Cooking and cleaning with an audiobook is one of my favorite pastimes too! I would like to try to expand that to crafting sometime, that's a good idea. : )
    Love your posts!