What a time to be alive

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Occasionally, I make a list about some of the small things I've been deeply enjoying lately as well as the things that make life that much easier. Even with work and responsibilities and all the life admin we deal with daily...truly what a time to be alive.

Rewatching episodes of Frasier

London Fog lattes

Mail merges

Text notifications of paycheck deposits

Ordering coffee from an app in the comfort of your car

The invention of wireless earbuds

Listening to podcasts while completing a task

The satisfaction of completing a recipe successfully

Watching cream and sugar whip together into stiff peaks

Labeling inbox folders

The keyboard "paste" shortcut

Doubling dinner for leftovers

High quality Instagram stories

Automatic payments

A sweater in your favorite color

Email signatures

Heating pads (bless)

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