Slow Sundays

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Every weekend I am reminded of how sweet and good life is, even if just in a few stolen moments.

Often, Saturday is our catch-up day--the one for doing all of the necessary life chores like dishes and taking out the trash.

Which means Sundays are a slow, welcome breath of quiet. Stillness. Other than Mass, we try to keep the day as free as possible. And every Sunday I am grateful. Grateful that we have a day to catch up, to breathe, to not be running in a million different directions.

So for now, our Sundays look like this.

Coffee--espresso, always, thanks to a very generous Christmas gift. A pile of new library books, mainly fiction because the real world is too real sometimes. Mugs and blankets. British vlogs because my love for England must be fed daily. Rain, this week, pattering on the window, staining the sky with softness and melancholy. Julie London and Jo Stafford crooning in the lamplit-room. 

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