Halloween New Yorker Covers

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Whenever Halloween falls during the middle of the week, the weekend before inevitably feels more exciting...a bit of magic and excitement hangs in the air. 

I didn’t really get to dress up as a kid or in high school, so I didn’t properly enjoy the holiday until college. And that excitement only builds every year—I’m more excited as an adult now than I was when five years ago! I think it’s because I appreciate clever costumes and the level of detail that can go into them. There’s also just something about dressing up that makes you feel like an exuberant kid again. 

Whatever the cause, there’s a thrill in the air this weekend, so it feels apropos to share some of the best New Yorker Halloween covers. From tongue-in-cheek to sweet, the most memorable capture the silly and spooky nature of October 31st. 

The annual convening of covens. 

At the stroke of midnight...

I love the idea of witches taking off in the 'V for Victory' sign. 

Post 9/11. 

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