Every Day October: Fall Favorites

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Happy October! We're finally in the full swing of the last quarter. Does anyone else feel like September was only a week long? It sped by!

Earlier this year, I knew I wanted to set myself the challenge of blogging daily for a month. I'd initially toyed with the idea of May, but as that's a busy work time for me and I wasn't feeling inspired, I decided against it. Which meant October was really the only month that made sense. I started preparing in August. The blog post ideas wouldn't stop coming and Every Day October was born. 

I'm excited to roll out the posts I've been working on--there'll be a new one every day up to the 31st! To kick things off, I'm sharing a few fall favorites I've been enjoying lately...

Lighting candles during the day. Fellow Americans, what are some other good candle brands besides our erstwhile Bath and Body Works? I usually nab as many small autumn ones from the Target dollar section as I can, but I would love to expand beyond those two. (Yes, it's a thrilling life I lead.)

Catching up with The Great British Bake-Off episode by episode. Netflix (in the US) releases the current season only one episode at a time and I've found it oddly satisfying to look forward to watching it each week. Is this what having TV is like? Our apartment came with cable, but we never watch anything on the channels since our streaming services have all favorites/new shows ready to binge. It's bringing me back to my childhood in the 90s when we'd wake up every morning to watch PBS Kids and Oprah in the afternoon. What a time!

Tortoise hues in every item imaginable. The LBD of patterns. I find tortoise so timeless and chic--and a welcome change that breaks up my often black outfits or accessories. I especially love it on reusable cups, sunglasses, phone cases. As far as I'm concerned, it's a neutral.

Relaxing background music like this autumn jazz playlist or this Gryffindor common room one complete with fireside and rain sounds. Also excellent: the Studio Ghibli soundtrack. I'll leave it playing on a tab while I'm on another, or set my phone on the counter while I'm doing various tasks at home. It's soothing and ambient enough in the background that I don't get distracted.

Compiling book lists. This is something I do all year round, but I've been putting together my own fall reading lists as well as some very specific ones for blog posts: Books that feel like fall! Cozy reads! Children's travel books! I always have at least four or five ongoing lists on my phone and numerous others in a Google Doc.

Planning fall content for the blog. You may have noticed various themed posts as well as an uptick in how often I've posted [if a) you've been around for a while or b) check in once in a while]. One of my goals this year was to really dig in and create posts I'm truly proud of, instead of going on and on about how I don't post enough.

Do the work and all that--or, as one of my professors told us senior year, "Done is better than perfect." I've made a conscious effort to put my money where my mouth is and drag certain posts out of Drafts, and honestly, write the type of content I enjoy reading.

That means book lists, seasonal posts, and film roundups, among others. And of course, the more personal ones that have always been the backbone of this space. It's felt good to work hard, be more strategic, and plan ahead for the blog. My downfall, I think, has always been that I wrote only when inspiration and the perfect environment collided. Which, in my case, often meant I didn't write much or deemed what I had written as unfinished.

But I've been blogging for 11 years, which is just mad. I'm proud of this blog and all I've learned. It's grown up with me and I'm excited to take it in this new direction; to intentionally polish and grow it. To write as an adult and continue to take up room in this space I carved out for myself all those years ago as a fifteen year old.

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