Catching Up...

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

It's been a busy month indeed...I'm just a few days shy of hitting my 'Everyday October' blogging goal and I can.see.the finish line! It's been such a good challenge--and I'm proud for getting a post up every day to date, but man, does my hat go off to daily bloggers. This has been the most concentrated amount of time I've spent on my blog in years and I think it shows. 

All the same, I'm looking forward to a bit of rest come November 1st. I'm definitely starting to hit a wall, creatively. It's so true what they say--you need time off in order to be re-inspired. 

I've also got some life admin to tick off my know those things that really need to get done, but you just never seem to find the time? Somehow I've managed to put off getting new glasses for nearly a year. That being said, I'm happy for now since finally getting a long overdue haircut. Getting my hair washed at the hairdresser's and having it styled by someone else feels so luxurious and relaxing. While I've gotten better at figuring out how to do my hair, it's never a short process, and therefore something I often put off. I'm officially someone who tries to make my hair washes last as long as possible AND strategically plan haircuts to get a few days' wear out of the end result. 

Speaking of hair, I'm steadily working on growing my beret collection. A camel-colored one has been on my fall style list for a while and I managed to nab one last month. Next up, olive green and cream. 

How unbelievably beautiful is this Harry Potter card? It's so, so perfect. One of my oldest friends sent it as a I'm-cheering-you on card. I'm honored she chose to part with it for me and will absolutely be framing it as a piece of art!

One of my favorite things we did recently was explore Waco's newest bookstore, Fabled. It's bookish and perfect with dark shelves, golden vintage couches, and even a wardrobe entrance to the children's section...truly what all bookshop dreams are made of. 

Weather-wise, we've had a few drizzly, cool days and there's a bit of holiday spark in the air. While I probably won't be dressing up this year, I'm still looking forward to ending the month on a high note, with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. I've been enjoyed iced ones without whipped cream...but sometimes a cold day calls for a steaming latte, full-fat. Add the whipped cream. 

Happy almost end of October!

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  1. Where did you get the rust sweater? It's super cute! Also, high-five for accomplishing your goal! You go girl! :)