Building a Life, Slowly and Surely

Monday, October 14, 2019

I think about building a life often--a life of your own, especially after years of school. I realize ever so often with surprise that my life is mine to shape and build. It's one of the nice things of becoming an adult...choosing deliberately what your space and daily routines look like. Making small choices and decisions that add, piece by piece to the big picture of what you want your life to look like.

I don't necessarily mean your career, how much you pay for rent or a mortgage, whether you travel frequently, the diplomas earned or what type of car you own. But rather the small, seemingly insignificant things which add up to quiet contentment.

-library card from the local library

 -rearranging and organizing books

 -washing my face

 -set up small corners of joy (dresser, the desk or table by the window, couch, the bathroom cabinets)

-collect all stationary and mail in one area (envelopes, stamps, notecards, a list of people’s addresses)

 -add birthdays to digital or paper calendar

 -add all games, puzzles, crossword books, crafting objects to a bookshelf as game area

 -invite someone over for dinner instead of going out

 -fold clean laundry while watching a favorite film or listening to a podcast

 -open the blinds and let in soft daylight on the weekends

 -designate a morning mug for coffee or set aside certain mugs for work and others for home

 -keep extras of favorite pens in the car, purse, bedside table, on the coffee table

 -use a mug to hold pens and scissors

-stack library books where I can see them daily: make a “to-read” pile and a “read” pile

 -keep blankets on the back or arm of the couch

 -buy a small (alive or faux) plant; tuck it in a window corner or perch it atop a bookshelf or kitchen counter

 -hang a tea towel from the oven handle or drape over edge of cabinet door

-build a life, slowly and surely

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