Books to read in the fall

Friday, October 11, 2019

Today felt a bit like walking out onto misty moors--overnight the temperature dropped into the fifties. People were wearing shorts yesterday! Now, it's all boots, close-toed shoes, and sweaters. Throw in grey skies and a rainy morning, and October is finally here. I've also been to the library twice this week, so I'm looking forward to a cozy weekend in. Here are some of my favorite books to reread in the fall.

A Wrinkle in Time | M a d e l e i n e  L ' E n g l e
A children's classic that I actually didn't read until I was in college; I'm glad I could better appreciate it, but I know I would have loved it as a younger reader too. A pair of siblings along with a classmate  are swept into a flurry of time folding and a growing evil along with a trio of eccentric, delightful guides. 

Bird by Bird | A n n e  L a m o t t 
Oh, Anne. The godmother and aunt we all wish we had. Is there an Anne Lamott book that isn't five stars? This one has a special place in my heart because it's the first of her books I ever read after it was assigned in my undergraduate creative writing class. I reread it last year during the spring madness of wedding planning and job hunting when I needed something easy and comforting to read in bed. It was just as good, if not better. I'm forever grateful this was my first Anne read and I think it should be everyone's. She writes about writing and the shitty first draft, but also about life and all of its quirks in her unmistakable, wry voice. 

Persuasion | J a n e  A u s t e n
I firmly believe Austen's books each have a corresponding season and Persuasion--with all of its quiet longing, suppressed love, and brooding romance--is pure fall. This is my favorite Austen novel mainly because Anne is so intelligent and observant. I love the book's exploration of choices she made in the past and the consequences of those choices. 

A Movable Feast | E r n e s t  H e m i n g w a y
If Billie Holiday sung about autumn in Paris best, Hemingway certainly writes about it best. I love the writing in this so much that I used one of its quotes in our wedding. While he's not an author I'm particularly fond of, this is for anyone who loves Paris and feels both its magic and melancholy. 

The Book Thief | M a r c u s  Z u s a k
I wish I could go back and reread this for the first time. A friend forced it into my hands and said, "Read this--now," (thank you, Leslie). I still remember finishing it in the library as we sat reading together. There is so much beauty and wonder in this book about a little German girl who steals books--and eventually a Jewish man on the run from the SS. It kills you, this book. Slowly and gently. Both the format and the narrator's point of view are pure brilliance. This is a book you wish you had written, then are thankful you didn't because now you can read it, innocent and unspoiled. 

I love hearing what other people read in the fall. What's on your current reading list?


  1. A Wrinkle in Time, Persuasion, and The Book Thief are absolutely perfect for fall. I have to check out all your other recommendations. Right now I'm reading Watership Down and I'll be Gone in the Dark and I'm feeling all the cozy/spooky feels.

    1. Watership Down! I've heard so many good (heart-wrenching) things about's definitely on my TBR list. And you're braver than I with spooky choices--I can't do anything real crime/serial killer related.

  2. All EXCELLENT choices! I'm thinking I'm going to read Frankenstein this seems like another good fall read.

    1. That's on my spooky October list for sure! I've always loved 19th-century horror, especially in the fall.