Blogs to Deep Dive

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Despite what some people may say, I firmly believe that blogs aren't dead. Has the blogging landscape changed dramatically forever? Yes. But for the most part, blogs are still going strong. While the topics I enjoy reading about have evolved, I still read blog posts almost every day. Here are some of the best blogs to deep-dive...

A Cup of Jo | Joanna Goddard and team
This thoughtful corner of the Internet is run by Joanna and her lovely team, covering everything from style, motherhood, design, personal essays, and work advice. Some of my favorite pieces: on class anxietythe love stories we forget to tell, and when life surprises you 

The Art in Life | Hannah Katherine
Documents life in DC, the best local coffeeshops, her two adorably ginger children, and her many strong opinions. Hannah's also a connoisseur (and Doctor) of all things French. Come for the beautiful photos, stay for the snarky wit.  

Susan Branch | Susan Branch
Her blog is like a love letter to the seasons and life in New England/actual England. Artist and author, Susan shares snippets of her cozy life and projects from her beloved home on Martha's Vineyard. 

A Beautiful Mess |
Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Sisters turned business partners, Elsie and Emma wear multiple hats--but their blog is a lovely source of inspiration on interiors, home renovation, style, clean beauty, organization, DIYs, and fun crafts. 

The Larson House | Elsie Larson
Elsie's personal blog where she shares updates of her family and their adoption journey. Her posts are always both inspiring and informative (she has a wealth of posts about adoption and motherhood). 

Carly the Prepster | Carly Heitlinger
Carly is one of the most professional bloggers in the industry--her organization, thoughtfulness, and elegant style always impress me. Not has she grown in a very natural, mature way, but she continues to improves and builds upon her existing content. 

Modern Mrs. Darcy | Anne Bogel
I'm not sure there's anyone left who doesn't know about Anne's blog, but it's a treasure trove of reading lists, from her famous Summer Reading Guide that she meticulously prepares for and selects months in advance to her more personal lifestyle posts. Anne's warm, friendly voice reads like an older sister you trust and the librarian who always gives you the best reading recommendations rolled into one. 

So Many Thoughts | Elizabeth Holmes
A few years ago, Elizabeth (or "E Holmes" as she's known on Instagram) shared her reaction to Will and Kate's Christmas card...and So Many Thoughts was born. As a former reporter and now freelance-journalist, Elizabeth provides royal commentary on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's official appearances. While she still updates current looks on Instagram, they're all archived on her blog where she invites community discussion as well as shares more lifestyle posts. 


  1. Love this list! I've never heard of So Many Thoughts, but it looks like a blog I'd absolutely enjoy.

    1. Elizabeth is the queen of style and royal commentary--her posts are always so thoughtful AND thought-provoking!