An argument for archives and nostalgia

Monday, October 21, 2019

I'm firm proponent of archives and nostalgia...with so many avenues of entertainment and content available to us, it's easier to constantly be checking for the newest bits. But there's a loveliness to slowly going back through previous posts, videos, pictures, and works. After all, if you enjoy whatever current work or art you've stumbled upon, you'll probably enjoy what they've done months or years prior. 

Finding a blog or Instagram account that you've fallen in love with is always lovely. But I'd argue it's even better spending a wonderful few hours falling down the rabbit hole of their archives. It's just as lovely to go back and rediscover old favorites such as movies, books, and songs. It's comforting. There is so much warm, gentle comfort and safety in returning to a thing that has brought you joy before and will do so again. 

Here's some of my favorite nostalgic reads and watches...

-Hannah Katherine's blog archives, particularly autumn and Christmas posts (Hannah captures the holiday magic of DC so well--see here)

-vlogmas (only the Brits, please. They do Christmas in an entirely magical way. Mince pie and Quality Street chocolate, anyone?)

-old romcoms

-rereading my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries

-scrolling through an excellent grid on Instagram

-Diane Keaton's backlog of films in the '80s/'90s: Boom Baby, Father of the Bride, The First Wives Club, The Godfather

-You've Got Mail playing in the background

-remaking my way through the first three Harry Potter books, slowly and delightfully

-watching old episodes of The Great British Bake-Off 


  1. Always love going through people's archives on Instagram--not that I'm a stalker or anything like that! :)

    1. Same! There's nothing like getting lost in a good IG profile...