The Various Stages of Fall Weather

Monday, September 9, 2019

While our British neighbors across the pond have already enjoyed the onset of fall (or autumn) during the first week of September, over here we know all too well that fall is a lengthy process for us. There are stages--ebbs and flows, if you will. Rarely linear and never consistent, the stages below describe the frustrations (and joys) of a North American autumn.

Self-Imposed Illusions
More of a feeling than weather change; usually prompted by comfortable weekend clothes, lit candles, and iced coffee (preferably pumpkin cold brew). After a few hours of cleaning and puttering around an air-conditioned apartment, the mind takes over and insists it's a cool 78 outside. Subsequently, stepping out in 97-degree sunshine feels like grievously offensive. The purists balk at even the mention of pumpkin before or after September 1st, but those of us who keep the true spirit of autumn in our hearts know better.

The Early Morning Flirtation
Ah, September, you flighty mistress. There's just enough of a difference in the air when you step outside--maybe it's a wetness that isn't quite so humid, a sunny clear day that somehow isn't hot, or simply air that feels, heaven forbid, fresh. Always a two-hour long fling that rises our hopes; inevitably gone by 10am. One that feels like a distant memory come high noon. Still we press on, compiling our autumn playlists and seasonal to-do lists.

A Stormy Hint
Prevalent to weekends and Thursdays, the day is subdued and heavy with the promise of rain.  Gives hope that a better, less warm way of life is coming. Can alternate between brief, grey drizzles and lashing rain against windows. Perfectly enjoyed on weekends from the depths of bed--you didn't want to go out anyways. Even better to fall asleep to.

Mountain Air and Brilliant Skies
A rare and unusual condition, often not seen in the lower half of the States until we reach the twenties of September. Lasts for most of the day--perfect weather for Fleet Foxes, iced pumpkin lattes (perhaps, I daresay even a hot one), and the first scarf outing of AW19. Often combined with glorious, swirling breezes and bouncing tree leaves edging ever so slightly towards yellow.

Autumn is Coming
The temperature has officially dropped: wardrobes switch over, boots--glorious boots, wonderful boots--come out of closets and boxes, shorts disappear, and all the earth rejoices. It may not yet be gloriously cool and crisp, but none of the naysayers can insist it's still summer. And that is enough.

When Life Feels like When Harry Met Sally
The leaves have turned! What a lovely phrase and even lovelier sight. New Yorkers teem with a quiet, glowing pride on their morning commutes knowing Central Park is resplendent with autumn glory. The rest of us mourn the lack of Central Park in our lives. The joy that is fall style is everywhere you look...tawny browns and camels, herringbone greys and creams, rich warm plaids in burgundy and navy, olive and emerald paired with black or dark blue denim. Daily drives or walks to work are buoyant--as buoyant as heading to work can be--when paired with Harry Connick's voice and jazzy numbers. We rewatch When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail.

Life feels wonderful.

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