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Friday, August 16, 2019

Life has been full, draining, and seemingly never-ending lately. The end of summer happened mid-July for us and everything picked up Claire Foy has said about the Queen's attitude to life, there was nothing to do but "get on with it." Sometimes life to-dos and busy seasons sweep you up and you just have to keep going.

The first of September looms ahead with the promise of an exhale---life right now is simply surviving the madness of August. I just need to make it to September and then things fall into a slower, deeper routine.

One I am so very ready for. Routines we're all ready for, I'm sure. Life is a whirling, crazy, bustling mess for everyone right now as we all prepare for a shift in life, the seasons, traffic, and day-to-day moments...even those of not in school any more.

As for myself, I am unabashedly counting the days until the pumpkin spice latte returns.

Because it's looking forward to and anticipating the small things that make the mundane daily tasks of work, coming home, taking our shoes off, thinking about dinner, and cleaning up a little clearer and meaningful. 

The balmy, shaded evenings once the sun is down but everything is still light. The Downton Abby film, the return of the Royal Family after their brief August break, glorious September days where the heat lifts for a moment and cooler breezes swirl. Iced pumpkin lattes. Season 3 of the Crown. Fresh notebooks, blank pages, crisp black ink. The return of tweed, thinking about fall reading lists, Greta Gerwig's new trailer for Little Women. The emboldening inspiration of autumn, the comforting feeling of filling a room with beauty, warmth, and coziness.

Happy August,'s to the next few weeks and the promise of September.

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  1. That last paragraph is everything my autumn dreams are made of. Hurry up, fall!