In honor of resting

Monday, July 8, 2019

via Isabelle Feliu

Happy Monday and happy July! Let's pretend it's actually the first of the month (which, coincidentally, was on a Monday and satisfied me deeply). 

It is, of course, also the Monday after a holiday weekend so today feels doubly wrong. I made it to the end of the workday purely by thinking of my bed. I blame that, though, on getting just four hours of sleep last night. Yes, it is disgusting and yes, I am far too old for this. While I could pull a few all-nighters per a semester during college with no problem (I think my highest record was seven one fall? I was crazy), nowadays I can't function on less than five to six hours of sleep. It's both frustrating and good--I'm forced to prioritize sleep more, which is something I want to improve anyway. 

So while today's initial plan was to walk to the library to pick up my books that had come in and fill up my car with gas after work, I was just not feeling it. Usually, I try and push through when it comes to running errands on a workday or bribe myself with coffee...but then I realized that I didn't need to do any of those today. My car has enough gas to where I could refill it tomorrow, my library holds weren't going anywhere, and I didn't really need coffee. Especially if I wanted to go to bed early tonight. 

I ended up leaving work and came straight home to make an easy dinner. Now I start getting ready for bed--I even have energy to floss. What a miracle. I have the next few days to run those errands and there's something comforting about that. Just because I could push myself today doesn't mean I should...

For now, there's a walnut brownie, a freshly made bed, and a soft pair of pjs calling. Happy Monday, indeed. 

(Illustration by Isabelle Feliu)


  1. I was delighted to read this. Since graduating, I've been wildly busy...which was the exact opposite of what I've been dreaming of the last 4 years of school. I'm realizing that you gotta make the time (just as you have described!) to lay low and play it slow. Thanks for the inspo to keep at this endeavor. xx

  2. Nothing like being out of college to realize you had more time than you thought when you were! also, hi! hello, friend. Hope all is well.