A list of small victories

Friday, July 26, 2019


A quiet, lamp-lit office in the early morning.

Soft grey shirts.

Friday, the final exhale of a long week.

Writing a to-do list, three items at a time.

Creating quiet and stillness.

Smooth gold rings.

Leftovers of an iced latte, still good.

Cold pasta salad, tangy and salty.

Chill, ambient music.

Illustrations of a cat, lazily sprawled on a windowsill.

Using a cardigan as a blanket.

That Friday feeling.

Making a list of small victories.


  1. My small victories: To do list boxes, checked off. Houseplants growing towards the light. Homemade laundry soap. Box fan, humming in the corner. Upside down kisses.

    1. All lovely, mundane, glorious moments.