It's a Lovely Day Today

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Spring swept in two weeks ago and it's been such a lovely, welcomed change from the first two weeks of March which were rainy, cold, and miserable. The weather is still flighty (we had a chilly, thunderstorm-filled weekend) and most afternoons almost feel like summer, so winter clothes are officially packed away!

I couldn't feel more grateful...that last bit of February and March felt so rough to trudge through. I find it so funny how humans truly are seasonal: after a few months of something, we are all ready for a change. And I think everyone was in agreement that this winter dragged on and on. Between the dreary darkness and cold everyday, the few three months of the year have felt like endless slogging forward  - ' we just have to make it through. Just a bit longer.'

And now, April. An exhale, finally. Sunglasses and short sleeved shirts, iced cold brew, and flats and glorious sandals. I can actually enjoy choosing outfits now instead of the calculated 'what will keep me warmest yet pass as professional attire' attitude.

Today is one of those lovely in-between days, a sister day to October mornings, when the sky is perfectly blue, sun glints on the wet grass and through windows, but there's a cool, crisp breeze rippling through trees and hair. A very Doris Day day.

Some things of note this spring so far:

Walking weather
Because the weather has thoroughly switched to warm, albeit occasionally hot, days, it's made walking infinitely more appealing. My work wife and I have been walking to most meetings and I've even ventured to the library a few times. The trick I've learned is to leave early enough for a slow, leisurely stroll

I recently broke down and placed a few orders of petite jeans because black feels too heavy and hot most days (light denim for spring? Groundbreaking, I know) and I might as well have ones that fit properly. After 20 years, I finally found my perfect inseam as well as own more than one pair of jeans. What a time to be alive...

English countryside Instagram accounts
England has long had my heart with its grassy knolls and hills, National Trusts, trains, and tea with cake...but spring feels especially English with daffodils, gardens, and even a rogue lamb here or there. Charlotte-Anne Fidler's account is always full of scenic countryside views.

There isn't a more perfect spring film than Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. Pink, Paris, flowers, brightly-hued balloons? Spring personified.

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  1. This spring has been so refreshing and I couldn't agree more with how we're very seasonal beings. The transitional seasons of fall and spring are my favorite.
    I just love the light, hopeful tone of this post! Happy spring!