What's saving my life right now

Friday, February 1, 2019


And just like that it's Friday, and January is finally over. This month has felt so long, probably because it was five whole weeks!

It's been a slow start to the year for which I'm grateful, because I wish every month felt so solidly like this month we are in right now. Now it's February 1st and already the year feels like it's flying by.

This week in particular felt long and dreary because of the weather (cold, grey, wet, windy, etc.), and yet yesterday night, I realized it was Thursday. Only eight short hours before the weekend begins.

 Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy periodically shares what's saving her life in whatever current season she is in: it's always a collection of small, silly, and significant things that make life a little easier.

Here's what is saving my life this winter.

Grapefruit. Ever winter, without fail, I find myself dehydrated, constantly reaching for water, and craving citrus. Grapefruits become my favorite snack or a juicy addition to breakfast.

Old Hollywood black and white films. I find myself craving something classic, familiar and comfortable that is light and funny. Rather than deep diving through the numerous, more modern comedies on Netflix or try something new only to stop halfway because the plot is dragging, it's been such a relief to turn to old classics. Something about watching people laugh and quip their way through another era is refreshing too. Some Like It Hot, anyone?

My heating pad. Lately at night, I've taken to slipping it underneath the blankets at the end of the bed as a foot-warmer and it makes aaaall the difference without turning on our heat. It automatically turns off after a while, so there's never any safety issues.

Podcasts. While I don't have a weekly hour and a half drive anymore (thank you, long distance relationship), I've been listening to even more podcasts lately at work or when driving errands. I tend to favor cozy, chatty ones--preferably British--and it always brightens up the workday.

Decluttering/organizing. I love doing this both in winter and at the start of a new year anyway, but since I spent January watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and falling in love with her cardigan/skirt combo and joyful exclamations at mess along with the rest of the world. I prefer watching for her, not necessarily the families she visits, but it was fun to put the show on while I tacked the medicine drawer and paper files.

Gloves. One of the worst things about winter is getting in the car and having to drive with a cold steering wheel. My car takes a while to heat up, as most cars do, which means the heat begins as an icy blast. Ryan bought me a pair of inexpensive gloves to keep in my car--during the day, they stay in my purse so I can wear them on the way to and from work. And I'm all the happier for it.


And because who doesn't love good things to read, here are some of my favorite online reads from January...
Marie Kondo's interpreter Marie Iida is quietly delightful, and such a perfect counterpoint to her.

Hannah's post about broken bodies felt especially after I had such a big life change year. She had a baby and writes about the physical stress of that, but I identified with so much she said. Her thoughts on January are equally true.

I've watched Carly's blow-dry tutorial video numerous times. It's oddly therapeutic and satisfying: the gold hotel bathroom details, especially, but she recently shared an updated curling tutorial as well.

I also loved her post about vacuums (welcome to adulthood where the most appealing online content focuses on organizing, cleaning, taxes, and spreadsheets).

Liv's love letter to the suburbs was perfectly timed. I've been thinking more and more about a small ordinary life lately. Many thoughts to follow.

I love Elsie's posts and have been inspired by her and her sister Emma to delve more into crafts this year...I loved seeing how she caught up on photo books.

Speaking of books, Anne's list of 23 books she can't wait to read in 2019 is a sneak peek at new books debuting this year. Her book list posts and summer reading guides are my go-to resources when looking for titles to add to my "to-read" list.

Cup of Jo nailed it again. Who doesn't love ideas like a soup group to survive winter?

Happy February, and (hopefully) last month of winter!