February Feelings

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I always love the colors and feel of February...it's a cold month full of rain and cold winds, but still suffused with reds (lipstick, roses in stores, flashes of envelopes in mailboxes, bright sweaters), blushes (prints hanging on the wall, Sunday sunsets, watercolor hues spilling across dappled paper), soft creams (book pages, lattes, plush-topped rugs, lamplit walls), and rich shades of darkness (wooden shelves and tables gleaming under lights, shadows flickering in a candle-lit bathroom, the gathering dusk while coming home). A good month for luxurious, winding saxophone notes reverberating though a hushed room; opening the blinds to let in grey, wet skies; stacking the pile of winter reads high; hot baths on Friday and Sunday evenings; stealing a nap when possible. 

February feels as if it's flying by after the long stretch of January. I'm eager for spring in so many ways--there's a hint here or there these days: purple blossoms in a tree, weekend evenings light past 6 o'clock, daffodils springing up in a burst of golden yellow by the library. But not yet...she's still a ways off, that flighty Spring. She's simply flirting with us, clear and sunny one day, wearying and overcast the next. Even the March rains, roaring in like a lion, have yet to come. 

So for now, a few more days of February. 

For now, still winter. 

Quiet, sleepy, dark, at times dreary...a reminder to keep resting. 

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