Winter Greetings

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Hello, and a happy new year! I'm curled on the couch beneath a plush navy blanket and beside the glow of our Christmas tree. Outside is a brilliantly blue and sunny January's been a very slow Saturday, which I'm grateful both because there's a tickle in my throat and I remember the recent days when I worked every Saturday and wondered what it was like to have a proper weekend.

God is good, and eventually that season of life ended, and here I am--able to rest and read and write. In addition to laundry, grocery shop, and all the small bits and bobs of life that don't get done during the week.

2019 started off quietly enough, and going back to work has been quite a transition, schedule-wise, but that is what weekends are for! And so, our Christmas tree glows softly in the corner (where it will likely stay until February...), the blinds are cracked to let in a bit o' sky and daylight, jazz (Billie Holiday) rises and falls in a lush combination of trickling piano keys and meandering saxophone. And I'm taking these moments to rest. To stay still, instead of rushing around, checking off a long errands and chores to-do list.

The holiday season is over, a new year has begun--January feels like a long breath after rushing through the flurry of the last two months.

By December 28th, I felt ready to turn a new page, to reclaim and refreshen the apartment. While the tree stays up, I packed away all the small Christmas decorations and the Advent candles (which were replaced with golden ones). For the first time ever, I feel truly ready to move on from festivities and feel the need for a new season. Which is appropriate, considering today is the last day of Christmas! Tomorrow is Epiphany, and then the Church Herself takes a deep breath into a new liturgical season...Ordinary Time.

And Ordinary Time sounds both restful and simple. The celebrating and rejoicing has happened, and now we settle into the second half of winter--the slow season of hibernation and restfulness as our minds turn towards spring and thawing out. Not yet, though.

For now, I am enjoying the small joys of winter: a stack of thick books filled with new and familiar worlds to explore, trying my hand at crusty homemade bread, watching black and white or old Hollywood films in the evenings, working our way through an assortment of puzzles (one of my favorite hobbies).