Rainy September Days

Friday, September 21, 2018

It’s been a slew of rainy days here lately...and I couldn’t be happier. September is one of my favorite months, in a different way than October, the best autumn month of them all. November is too close to Christmas and festive cheer and October is the witching month, all blustery winds and chill air.

But September is the lovely prelude to that. A whimsical mixture of grey, rainy—humid, yes, but still cooler and slower— days and golden ones of breeze and delightful blue skies. September feels like snappish January’s older, calmer sister; less chaotic and mischievous than her younger, merry, arch cousin October who sweeps in rapidly with a impetuous toss of her head. A call to retreat within doors...to slow, open the window, light the candles. Play soft, rich, unwinding music while pottering around the apartment. Sitting on a rug, driving in the rain for dinner; exchanging a throw pillow for a warmer-toned one. Pulling a puzzle or board game off the shelf. 

It's not cool here yet, but there's a noticeable lift in the air from the usual heaviness and humidity on some days...today is Friday. While I don't have too many feelings, it's an overcast day with wet streets and sidewalks. I'm wearing dark green and blue flannel, a black cardigan, red rainboots, and a warm happiness for the weekend ahead.

I have some posts coming up with some of my favorite films, reads, and tunes for this season. I think most of us are hungry for the small, ordinary actions that can bring some joy to our day or soften the edge of a long, weary week. I know I am, at least. After all, who can help enjoying themselves when Bill Murray is being Bill Murray onscreen or Wes Anderson's cinematography is the backdrop for a folding laundry or Harry Connick Jr. croons during the steady chopping and stirring while making dinner or while pulling fall sugar cookies out of the oven?

Life, in all of its daily grind, goes on...but instead of the perfect moment to orchestrate a memory, I'm determined to make them on a small, daily basis.

In the meantime, here's one or two lovely things around the internet.

Emilio Estevez's film about a library and the people who inhabit it on one freezing winter night looks hopeful, unsettlingly truthful, and gentle.

These book anagrams made me smile...don't we all need more eggs on famous covers?

Rebecca from A Clothes Horse's delicious autumn moodboard gave me all the feels for rich, dark shades, berets and beanies, and thick sweaters.

I loved this post about having a hobby on Cup of Jo...I struggled with this over the summer and delved into list-making research. Forthcoming post soon.

Happy rainy weekend. It's good to be back!

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