A little bit like spring

Monday, March 19, 2018

Tonight feels a little bit like spring...a little bit like summer and Paris and love wrapped all in one soft, balmy evening.

My heart feels full, and my body safe and warm in the circle of lamplight within. Outside are deepening shadows of nightfall and all the uncertainty of tomorrow and the days to come. But tonight...tonight is lovely and warm.

Ryan sits on the large plush white rug by my feet, laughing and talking to one of his groomsmen. Canned rose and cold sparkling water sit on his--soon to be our--coffee table. Small cheese pastries swell in the oven, savory and delicious. Golden light fills the apartment (my staunch refusal to use florescents), and soft saccharine strings vibrate the air.

I spent the evening talking and laughing and sighing--even crying--with one of my dear friends far away. We sipped (wine), and spoke of life's uncertainty, callings, faith, and growth. It was a wonderful few hours, so deeply needed, and so good for my soul. I miss my friends, especially this one, so. That's the hard part of life--saying au revoir to the people we love, not knowing when we'll meet in person again.

Thankfully, I know when I'll see her again, and come June, 'twill be a glorious reunion. But tonight, for one night, everything felt like a little bit of Paris's magic...that soft ease of walking outside in dusk, dwelling in a moment just on the outskirts of a tableaux: candlelit tables, lights strung in the air, bare feet, balmy air brushing against shoulders and cheeks, smiles and unending conversation over glasses of wine and plates heaped high with good food followed a deliciously bitter cappuccino, and endless wandering through the city beneath a canopy of leaves and iron grated windows.


  1. In love with your writing. <3

    1. Thank you, Sami--hopefully it brought a bit of Paris to you! <3