Oh, Hello

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long time, no? 

I am such a contradiction and truly one of those girls who always wants what I've previously eshewed or can't have. It happens all the time with coffee orders, buying clothes, haircuts, and now with this. My 'blog hiatus.'

Life is just funny (by which I mean odd, not humorous) and strange and surreal right now and so I have no coherent, organized thoughts. Just a constant stream of emotions and thoughts and impressions that are all over the place. 

And it's all piling up in my head and not always making its way out into the world through words from my lips. It's all getting a bit much and piling high and filling up my mind, and I do feel tired, but I don't think keeping in my words is helping. 

And I can't escape the fact that I only have two months left of this season, then it will be gone, never again to be had and I will never again feel or think or be like I am right at this moment. 

So yes. I'm here. And I will be from time to time...no scheduled posts, no formality or minimum amount per week. 

Just whenever the words come.

Come two months from now, things might even out and seem more professional and streamlined and polished. 

But for now, I really am going back to the old way...and things will be messy and real and honest and random on here. Snippets of life and love and solitude and seasons and growing and changing and mourning an old life while learning to grow in quiet, content anticipation for a new one. 


  1. I love the randomness:) Keep it coming!!!

  2. I'm so glad. Those are my favorite posts anyway, the quiet words that change my life.