Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's been quite a while since I've shared a real life Wednesday post - since today is slow + sun-filled + windy, here you go...

Wednesdays feel like a little pocket of quiet + peace in the midst of the week now...I only have an afternoon class on Wednesdays, so it's now becoming a comforting routine of a day. I can catch up on sleep or wake up early, enjoying the richness of a few hours before class...slid out of bed and pad across the floor to my newest best friend, the coffee maker, and putter around while the slow, steady drip of my morning brew mingles with the sound of soft jazz.

I crack open the blinds just enough to let the soft overcast light of a rainy day filter through and retreat to my cozy little couch with my laptop and books. Cardigans and fuzzy socks and messy ponytails are staples on these days.

Lunch is leisurely, leaving time for a bit of reading and even a catnap, then off to work and the slow rhythm of productivity. Cleaning and tidying up, reading for class, tweaking blog post drafts, pausing to work on bits and pieces of fiction when inspiration strikes, carefully curating my Pinterest boards, sending emails, and organizing my planners.

And tea. There is always tea.

Now all I need is a happily purring cat, and my happiness shall be complete.

Wednesdays are good days indeed. 


  1. This collection of details makes me feel like I could step through the screen into that cozy scene. Love it. <3

  2. Sounds fabulous! I do most of those things but you wrote them all in such a poetic way! I love it!