Rainy Days are for Stories

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today it rained - I woke up to the gentle, melancholy drumming of rain against swaying green and stained grey wooden fences outside my windows.

It's a day for chocolate-colored mugs, slender and tall, full of swirled coffee and pale creamer. For lighting fall candles - the rich, woodsy scent of Fireside lingers in the air, intoxicating and cozy all at once - and quiet murmuring music. It's a day for breathing in the moments in between, for stories flashing before eyes, for emotions swelling, for ink staining paper with graceful sloping. 

My fingers move over the keys, and I think of the myriad of stories within me, bits and pieces scattered throughout - here and there on shelves, intricate and delicate and strong and raw. It's days like these when I wish I could press my fingers to paper and the stories would spill out in their entirety, whole and complete and finished, ready to be shared and read and felt. 

There are so many stories I want to share with you...

The story of a girl in a world bound by song and words, where singers have power and orders of apprentices + masters dwell in an ancient school, and loyalty comes with a price, friendship does not come easily, and everything is grey, never black or white. A story of two people simultaneously drawn together, setting into motion consequences that bring the world down around them. 

The story of three darling children who encounter a pirate with his ship, a land where no one grows up, and a boy + his shadow. The story of second chances, of shipdecks and the salty tang of freedom, the confusing loss of friendship and the betrayal of youth, and learning that to some love is and always will be a forgotten adventure. 

The story of a family, dysfunctional yet dedicated to keeping up appearances and all the balls in the air and always prepared with the answer "Oh, things are fine," until one holiday dinner, when everything comes crashing down. A story about a dying grandmother, a college senior on probation, a depressed father, an unwanted baby, and a therapist. Of falling apart at the cracks, the little secrets that become devastating over time, the reminder that family is unavoidable, and that sometimes the messiness we hide is what binds us together. 

The story of a wolf who once came across a little girl in red...and many years later, returned. The story of the intoxicating thrill of darkness and its secret whisper, of promises made in the dark and the madness of discovering you are not alone in your head. Of a girl fighting to look in the mirror, of the farmboy who hunts and brings her smiles, and of the wolf who knows her better - and worse - than anyone else. 

The story of a twenty-something year old who did all the right things and stayed in school and believed she'd meet her soulmate, only to wake up one day to realize that she's grown up, working in her mother's cafe, and something feels empty. A coming-of-age story about perspectives shifting, of childhood dreaminess hardening into something hollow and confusing, of realizing that perhaps there is no high point in life and maybe soulmates don't exist. A story about the art of finding yourself while trying to find someone else, of the surprises life throws at you, and the danger + thrill of opening yourself up to the idea that love looks different to everyone. 

The story of a small girl in a land not very far away, in a time not long ago, who one day finds a door to another world. A world of elves and Kings, of two races dived from a bitterness as old as time itself; where a thief and a spy roam the halls, where Stones and destiny thread together to form the boundaries of the world. A story of adventure and friendship, of the painful splintering of ideals and hopes, of finding strength in love and sacrifice, and the gradual realization that we are all stories in the end. 

The story of an insolent Wizard with hair as yellow as the sun, of a dragon who hates everyone, including his magical master - and a paradox of a girl, so uncertain that the world passes her by while she sits in the sunlight, eyes closed as she listens and feels the dizzying ache of change and not knowing you are. 

The story of a guard granted entrance to the heart of the kingdom and charged to protect its ruler, renowned for her unflinching lack of pity and softness. The story of a stone Queen, hard as iron and strong as the foundations of the earth - who rules with the ferocity of a warrior and the shrewdness of a spy. Who understands the price of innocence and happiness, and the hardness that destroys it - who knows that ice can melt but nothing can soften stone. 

The story of a boy caught up in a choking tyranny, who was born into a world blind to its faults and horrors. Until a radical prisoner is captured and spreads havoc throughout the land with her strange story, reckless determination, and lack of fear...a story of principals and edicts, of the sharp edge of fear controlled by comfort and ignorance, and the danger of new ideas. 

The story of a girl and four lads in a small English town, where streets are crossed in two steps and everyone's name is familiar to everyone else, and home is a place you can point to - not just an idea. A story of chasing dreams and sweeping floors, of trying to be remembered and tasting the exhilarating uncertainty of youth. 

The story of a girl passionate about the belief that life is an adventure best traveled with a carefully planned map, and a glowing future ahead of her that holds theater, the love of her life, and a wonderful red-headed boyfriend. Only to find herself years down the road with the sobering fact that life somehow stole her map, and nothing is what she thought it would be. A story of the slow, painful, stirring realization that nothing in life is certain - even love - and that change is inevitable; a story of growing up and looking in the mirror to see someone completely different staring back, and learning that perhaps becoming someone else is the best mistake you can ever make. 

Yes...rainy days are days for writing. 


  1. Oh my heavens. Now I really want to read every one of these stories. Between this post and your Pinterest boards (goodness I sound like a stalker) my curiosity is aroused.

    1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2015

      I'm totally with you, Addi Grace! These sound so awesome, Grace!

  2. MOAR. I think I've written that here before, but seriously. You have a real gift for words, Grace.

    The Starving Inspired
    The Starving Inspired

  3. WOW... all I've gotta say is, please write all of these!! As a fellow writer, I well knows the struggles of the process, especially when there are so many ideas to choose from, but you truly gave a gift - just your synopsis for each story was enough to make me wish thru were all printed, bound, and sitting on my bookshelf right now, world's ready for me to dice into on rainy days :) don't give up! The world needs good stories.