Confessions Vol. II

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Previous Confessions...

- Still full blown obsessed with my "Jesus sandals" as my brother calls them. Best $9 I ever spent at Walgreens. 

-I haven't watched Keeping up with the Kardashians since the early '00s (there was a dark period in my life where my mom, little sisters and I watched E! News religiously every day) but I have longed adored Kourtney's husband, Scott Disick, also known by the Internet as Lord Disick. So I'm heartbroken at the news of their breakup because he was the best part of that family - primarily because he was the only one who openly acknowledged how insane the his sisters-and-mother-in-law are. 

-I fell in love in France with a beautiful golden-haired, green-eyed waiter.

And then found out afterwards he was 17. #mylife

- I love dancing in nightclubs. Those places really get the importance of having the right atmosphere: sick beats, swanky interiors, colored light beams, and fog machines. I go always for the dancing, never the drinking. I prefer being able to remember my nights. 

- I'm not really a drinker. At all. I love mocktails 99.99% of the time more than alcoholic drinks (although my mother makes a mean margarita) - sparkling water with a splash of pomegranate juice + lime? Mmmm. I will say, though, that France gave me a healthy appreciation for a good glass of white wine. Chardonnay is a favorite and I am still mourning the fact you can't order a good class at any cafe for $4-5 in the States.

- my fondness for an occasional said glass of white wine led me to hop in the car the other night with my two younger sisters and drive to the grocery store at 9pm, the Chainsmokers remix of Tove Lo's Habits blaring (such a good role model, I am) and wander the grocery isles dressed like a 90's child.

We're talking navy tank top, leggings, a grey sweater tied around my waist, and sandals. All I needed was a backwards baseball cap and heavy dark lipstick ala Topanga. Word.

- I've had ice cream for dinner more times than I should admit since getting back from Paris, which was a month ago. I'll let that sink it.

- I had an eye appointment the other morning and my mom gave me the keys, only to receive a horrified stare from me: "You're making me go...alone???"

I swear the older I get, the more social anxiety about small talk I have. Case in point - my little sisters asked me to come to some function with them and my parents. And again, it was just a blank stare. "But...I'll have to talk. To people."

- I no longer hate summer, promise, but I have to admit I'm already ready for cooler weather...mostly because I miss wearing BEANIES and heavy scarves and winter clothes. Sniff sniff. I am loving my tan, but today made me crave rainy, chilly weather, thick coats, ankle booties, and the excitement of the holidays!

Jokes because it's not even August yet, and the South is just starting to heat up. Things won't feel fall-y until late November at best.

Commence the all the tears.


  1. I know what you mean with the weather. Here in England it's mostly unpredictable and at the moment it has been grey and drizzly. I'm currently sitting in a big jumper- one of the things I miss about Winter! This probably doesn't help because I'm off to a hot place on holiday next week and I'm craving the cold... I don't know if I could wait until November for the cold! As soon as september hits and we go back to school, christmas is the first thing on my mind haha.
    - Amelia xxx

    1. Hi, Amelia!! Aaah, that makes my heart so happy to read you're from England - I love you Brits and your rainy, grey weather. I visited London last month and the weather made my heart so happy! I'm quite jealous that you can wear jumpers right now...but hey, with your holiday it sounds like you'll get the best of both worlds.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! <3

  2. Good news is Kourtney and Scott never actually got married. So technically they broke up. But nevertheless I'm heartbroken too.

    1. Oops - I knew I should have fact checked that before posting so late at night/early in the morning!