Bare Face + Yoga Pants: Proud to Be American

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

flannel: Merona by Target (similar here & here)// capri yoga pants: Mossimo by Target (similar)// bag: Charming Charlie's
// sunnies: Tatler// sandals: Pali Hawaii

I've been back in the States for about a week now...if you follow me on Instagram, you know that right after getting off a plane in Texas, I hopped in a car with my family and best friend to drive to Destin for our family vacation. We had the best. beachhouse. ever. (any Psych fans?) and there was much sand, sun, coffee, and pasta. Mmmmm. 

And now I'm back home, trying to adjust to the different time zone - jetlag is a real thing friends, I crash every night at 9 pm) and enjoying being lazy + catching up on sleep. Which means I'm also loving being able to wear whatever I want without judgement. After a month in the fashion capital of the world, you don't just walk outside wearing anything. Even a casual outfit has to be well-put together or you receive subtle stares. And forget about yoga pants. That's one thing Paris doesn't do. 

So naturally when the opportunity arose to head down to our local farmers' market the other day, I decidedly didn't change. And it was glorious. There was also absolutely no make-up involved. Because sometimes, you don't have to wear it. And that's ok. During the school year, I frequently have no make-up days. Is my skin or face perfect? Nope. But life goes on, friends. Besides, I always feel a little rebellious when I don't wear makeup: like I'm saying 'hey, world - this is my face and I'm going to rock it, so deal with it.' #word 

Side note: 
I picked up these Pali Hawaii sandals in Destin after both my brother and his girlfriend got a pair...after being on the fence for a bit, I now love how simple and basic they look. Almost like a more beachy version of Birkenstocks...anyways, they're rubber (a plus if they get wet), ultra comfy, and go with everything. They're $12 dollars here or a little more on Amazon, but I got mine in Destin for $8. Weird-shaped foot tan, here I come. 


  1. Welcome back to America!

  2. I love those sandals Grace! I'm looking for something similar in white. :) Welcome back to the states!

  3. You look great sans-makeup!! Keep rocking it. :D

  4. I love the sandals! I have a pair too (gift from my Floridian auntie - we couldn't find them here) and they are so so comfy.

    Welcome back to 'Murica! :)

    The Starving Inspired