Notes from Paris: The First Day

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bonjour friends! It's my third day in Paris, and I wanted to share some brief thoughts from my first day in this city. Enjoy + keep on the lookout for more! P.S. The food is as amazing as it looks. I've already eaten my weight in bread. And walked it all off! 

It's half past 9pm here in Paris as I write this on my small French bed. Ratatouille's theme is playing softly in the background, dusk is falling just outside the balcony windows, I've just finished eating dinner with my French host family (Croque Monsieur! Fresh salad with homemade vinegrette! Creamy Brie!) and I still can't believe I am spending my first night in this magical city. 

After weeks and months of feeling surreal, it is finally beginning to sink in that I am in Paris.  

Oh, Paris. 

The world is full of pale dawn, the house is asleep, and yet somehow I can feel the gentle tug...hear Paris's call. She is waiting for me just beyond that window - that magical city of lights and love and of history rich beneath one's foot. Waiting with her sprawling cobblestones and Old World architecture and faded stone walls that have seen so many people come and go, each one with hope in their eyes. 

Paris, I think, is different from any city - there is an undefinable magic in even her name. Paris. A place of dreams and broken hearts, of soul-searching and finding oneself, of breathing in and letting go. 

I am ready for her, in all her Old World charm, and sweltering heat and chilly nights and any + all disenchanting notes of discord found within a big city. 

Something within me can already sense that Paris is kind to me...that she will work her magic on me like so many before, that she is the city in which one can wander lost, hopeful, heartbroken, in love, with friends or a special someone, and even alone. 

Paris's magic, I think, touches all types. 

But 8+ hours of jet-lag and having two days crammed into one are taking their toll on I am off to sleep and sleep. 

Tomorrow marks my first official day of exploring Paris. I'm sure there'll be cafĂ© au lait, croissants, and style a plenty. 

Bonne nuite, mes amies! 


  1. I'm trying so hard not to be jealous* of you right now, and I'm so looking forward to seeing your pictures and reading more of your beautiful words. :) Vive la France!

    The Starving Inspired
    * It's not working very well.

  2. Oh, Paris, oui oui!! Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. Wow! Sounds like a dream. Keep us updated with your adventures. I've always been curious to learn more about that magical city.

  4. gaahh your descriptions, girl. Sounds amazing-- enjoy it to the fullest! Someday I shall go there <3 my Frenchie heart longs for it, one of my favorite countries

  5. How exciting! Hope you have an amazing trip, lovely ♥