I Wish I Could Show You Paris

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear readers, I have to echo Hannah Katherine yet again (and now I understand her post even better)...I wish I could do more than tell you about Paris.

I wish I could show her to you in person.

I wish I could give you the flaky, buttery taste of a pain au chocolat or the sight of French men + women strolling through the streets in their simple but impeccably chic style of suits,  blazers, dresses, well-cut trousers, and always always a beautiful scarf.

I wish you could sit outside one of the numerous cafes that line every street and gaze at the steady stream of people passing. Unlike London, her urban and male counterpart, Paris is stately and dignified in her busyness: even during the busiest time of a workday, while traffic thrums and people walk briskly, the cafe tables + seats on the sidewalks are always filled with the chatter of French, cups of cafe au lait or cappuccinos, and pastry crumbs.

 I wish you could see the lights by the Seine at night, all aglow against the velvet black sky and flickering waves with the magic that is Paris at night. I wish you could feel the cool breeze against your cheek and hear the soft, rich vibrations of jazz while curled up by the river with sparkling Perrier or champagne gently fizzing down your throat.

I wish you could feel the sun's warmth while strolling down the streets of Paris with the sweet scent of chocolate and fruit wafting from the Nutella crepe in your hand. I wish you could feel the softness of springy, plush grass beneath your cheek as you lay in a park, stretched out in the shade of trees with cheese and white wine beside you, with the day warm and bright on your skin.

I wish you could hear, all around you, the sounds of Paris in the summer...the slight breeze rustling through the trees, swirling between patches of cool shade and the bright sunlight gleaming on soft, thick butter-green grass, the melodic thrum of French and laughter rising from the banks of the park where the locals lay enjoying the sun + fresh air, and children's' giggles ring out against the jaunty tune of the carousel and the gurgle of the fountains.

I wish, I wish, I wish.

I can only do my best to put into words what I feel and see and sense here in this beautiful city. And say, that while one can (and should!) dream + read + think about Paris...at some point in your lives, dear readers, you must make your way to this city.

There is no way to properly describe her. Paris can only truly be experienced.


  1. I definitely want to visit Paris someday. This was such a beautiful post, and such gorgeous photos! <3 Thank you for sharing :)

  2. You don't have to show me Paris, I felt it in your beautiful words <3

  3. AnonymousJuly 13, 2015

    Beautiful!!!! So glad you got to fall in love with Paris in all the best ways.