The Midnight Letters ii

Friday, May 8, 2015


 I've decided this will be a series...of nighttime letters written from the heart from time to time, to all those who seek the cover of dark skies and the quiet of windswept nights when life and hearts are too heavy to understand. 

Midnight has a special magic...a gentle calmness, a quiet understanding, a ripple of peace beneath a wide expansion of stars. 

I hope you drink in the midnights, that you wander and sit and gaze at the world wrapped in soft shadows and dreams above your head. That you sit and look at the moon as she looks back. 

Because midnight is for the dreamers, the heartbroken, the hungry, the searching. The restless souls. The skies and darkness are yours, thick and soft like a mantle wrapped around the world, softly glimmering with the faintest stars. 

I hope you breathe in the night air, that you breathe in its magic of peace and starlight, that you tilt back your head and open your eyes and your heart to catch a falling star. Because things are softer and clearer and more bearable by starlight, and the shadows of midnight blues and dusky blacks ease the pain of tears and hurting hearts.

 I hope you know that you are a soul, graceful and strong, and that no attention or lack of attention from the opposite sex says anything of your worth. 

I hope you know that even when the person you want to hear from doesn't say anything that it will be okay. That you can breathe deep. I hope you soak in the midnights and sit outside beneath the moon and wind. I hope you feel peace.

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  1. I wouldn't be one of those midnight people reading this at 12:30 am... No way! :) I love thinking late at night. I was really enjoying the idea of pulling an all-nighter tonight before two finals tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go to bed because I don't really need to study much more. Yay! The nighttime is so peaceful.