Springing into Stripes

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

shirt// Hollister's
shorts// Gap
flats// Target
glasses // Ralph Lauren

Le gasp...could it be? Shorts? On the blog? Oh, yes indeed, friends. I know, I know...the world must be ending.

But the weather is warm and balmy - Narnian days, really, if you know what I mean - and shorts in spring seem to usher in the end of winter. They're still chic and simple with an element of casual dressiness that shorts in summer don't quite have. We're not quite at summer vacation yet, so I'll take my lovely days of strolling around campus in leopard flats + stripes, enjoying the breeze in between classes while studying, and alternating dinners with study dates.

In other news, I'm enjoying transitioning to lighter hues in my wardrobe - I still love my beloved darks and black skinny jeans - but I always gravitate towards beige and light, airy neutrals when winter starts to fade. It's no secret that I love stripes (my signature look, so Mariah and Abbey tell me), and they add a fun nautical flair to shorts...but I love mixing patterns, so a little leopard doesn't hurt either.

I would like to point out that a) aforementioned shorts are usually not so wrinkled, but when you're about to jump in a car to head back to school you take your photoshoots when you can get them.

And b) they're a little looser than normal...maybe I've actually lost weight?(although the amount of food and sugar I consumed this weekend should have automatically canceled all that out)

Also...in case you ever think my life is glamorous, allow me to display some choice behind-the-outfitshoot-scene shots.

My youngest sister, ladies and gents. Every bit of a diva. And spotlight-stealer. 

I tried...happy Hump Day, friends! Have a marvelous week. 


  1. Ha..hahaha...ha... I was happily scrolling and thinking to myself "gosh she's so cute in stripes." Then I got to the little bit where you mentioned me. LOL. It is your sig. look you know. ;)

    Pulled out my shorts recently too! So happy! Except...it means I gotta use those darn razors a little more again...shoot Dangit. ;P

    P.s. Love the sassy pics of you + yer sister. Sooo much personality! LOVE IT.

  2. You're just the cutest! I love stripy tops so so much. The are just the best.

  3. You and your sister are adorable... I have my fair share of face-smooching photos with my brother, hah. You look lovely in stripes, and blue and white are so classy together. :)

    The Starving Inspired