Breathing in the Gift of Today

Monday, April 13, 2015

Today was supposed to be an outfit post...but this morning, I woke up with words stirring within me. I needed to hear them this Monday morning. And so, perhaps you do too. May your day be one of quiet grace, friends. 

Today lies ahead of you.

Sun gleams. Breathe in. Feel the thrum and beat of your body, of your heart. 

You are alive. 

Whatever yesterday held, however hard last week proved, no matter how daunting and heavy this year so far has been for are alive. 

You have made it to this day today. 

You have survived. 

Against obstacles, hurt, loneliness, trials, doubts, deadlines, defeats, lingering thoughts of surrender. 

You are here. That is a triumph. You are a miracle. 

You are human, and deep within you, is a small inextinguishable flicker of the most fragile and strong thing. Hope.

We are a marvelous and wonderful thing, mankind. Again and again, we are beaten down, oppressed, worn out, stretched thin, knocked over by life, disregarded, abandoned, forgotten. 

And something that we cannot describe within us takes hold, sends strength seeping through us...and we stand back up. 

Trembling, shaking, exhuasted, numb, so very tired. 

But we get back up. Again. And again. 

It's a flicker in our eyes, a sudden inhale, a straightening up, a decision to keep going. That we will not let this overcome us. 

Some call it courage. Some call it the unshakeable human spirit. 

I call it hope. 

The smallest fragment of a seed, buried deep in our souls - sometimes tended to and fed and watched with eager eyes for it to grow. But winter's chill comes, and storms rage. Then, at last after endless days of chill and gloom, days of sunlight appear and we think "At last - it will sprout now," only to be reduced to silence when the horizon darkens and swells with dashed dreams + unanswered prayers. 

But Spring...spring comes always. Gently, without our knowing. And maybe the storms and rainshowers and sullen overcast skies are as much a part of spring, of this endless cycle. They pour down on us and at last we cry enough! I've had enough for a lifetime; this is too much. I'm downing. Enough. 

But maybe the storms reach the part of us that we hide from the surface, the deepest part that can only be watered by the hardest, most persistent storms. Only these storms can shake us up, shake loose the soil, prepare it for planting. 

Why it must be the most painful is a mystery. But maybe it's counterintuitive and a mystery for the rest of time. Maybe we need to stop seeking answers and stop fighting. Maybe we just need to endure the storms and let ourselves be watered, let the shaking up happen. 

Because only then can the glimmer of golden light appear, only then does the smallest seed of hope split open and remind you that it has been there all along, waiting for this point. Only then can we look around and see with wonder what has grown. 

If rain pummels down with icy numbness; if storms are raging in your ears and beneath your skin; if grey skies are your world...then wherever you are, stop. 

Sit still. Close your eyes. Breathe in fully, feeling the weight and warmth of sunlight, of reality pressing gently against your skin, of the dizzying and magnificent world that surrounds and holds you. 

You are alive. 

You have made it to this day. 

You have survived. 

Celebrate that today. Nothing else matters today - just that small fact, that victory. 

You are alive. 


  1. Grace, your words water my soul and inspire me to step out into the sunlight! Thank you for posting such beautiful thoughts!

  2. Beautiful. I really needed this today. Thank you! :)