If I Was Paid to Blog...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm not, obviously.

In case you were wondering. I don't have any sponsored posts or have ads on my blog, because, well, this little thing ain't in that stage of life right now. But I've always thought of my blog as a business - in that I'm serious about it and have grand plans for her.

But I also recognize that I have to work with the stage of life that I'm in right now (college, dorm living, etc.), so I can't go full-blown blogger quite yet.

But in an ideal world if I was paid to blog, here's what I'd do.

-I'd make my boyfriend/husband/assistant/personal photographer take pictures of me, outfit shots, detail shots 2-3 times a week.

This is an ideal world, remember? In a that la-la-land, I'd have a man in my life whom I'd force to use my camera...."No, make sure to tell me to raise my chin before you take the picture!"

-I'd paint my walls white and have a bright, air background for said pictures.

Instead of a tiny, cream/beige dorm room filled with books and clutter.

-I'd be able to afford lights and film stellar tutorial videos.

Thusly, companies would send me gads of products to try and I'd never need buy make-up again (even though top-notch professional YouTubers definitely do spend their own money on most of what they review).

-I'd live somewhere gorgeous with four seasons and thus have posts that appeal to readers on every coast/side/top/bottom of a country.

Like Virginia. Or Canada. They have four seasons, so I'm told. And Virginia is the state for lovers. Maybe I should move there first to find the photographing boyfriend/husband mentioned above.

Sounds like marvelous life plans. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pack up my life, order lights on Amazon, hire a tall hipster photographer + get a gallon of white paint.

And you know, pretend I'm being paid to blog. Don't mind me. ;)


  1. Yeah, come to Virginia. :D

  2. I'm wouldn't make a very good husband but I can take pictures. haha

    1. Ahaha, I'd still trust your photographing ability despite the non-husband-ness.

  3. Hello there! I stop by your blog on occasion and enjoy it. While I am not a blogger myself, I would have to say that what makes a great blog is the blogger's ability to write and to find the beauty wherever he/she is at in life. There is much beauty in your cluttered dorm room, your walks to and from class, all-nighter tousled hair, or a natural smile. The reason I write this is to encourage you to be who you are, rather than aiming for the generic blogger ideal of white walls, perfectly assembled outfits, changing seasons, poses, and beautiful surroundings. Let us readers see the beauty that is already within you--the beauty that is unrepeatable, created by God, and unable to be imitated by anyone else. Let us hear your voice, your insight. I dare say that once you have a blog with beautiful photos, changing seasons, cute outfits, and an accommodating husband, it will be just like every other blog out there. And you are not like every other person. :) Follow the path that God has set out for you--a path all your own, designed by Him, and strewn with His Love.

    1. Your kind words mean so much - thank you, whoever you are! This post was intended as more of a parody/satire of all the numerous generic blogs out there, but you are very right in that we all need to create our own individual beauty. Thank you for your encouragement!

  4. hehe, oh Grace. This was adorable + so dreamy.

  5. Hey Grace, I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! http://stephanievitabellissima.blogspot.com/2015/03/liebster-award.html