Friday Feelings

Friday, February 6, 2015

Oof. We're finally at the end of a very, very long week....did it seem exceedingly long to anyone else? The days got a little mixed up and I couldn't tell Tuesday from Wednesday. This is why exceptional amounts of sleep are something to aspire to.

These past two weeks really hit it home for me that I need to make self-care a huge priority. I knew that was one of my year goals coming into 2015, but I didn't realize how I actually need to change my schedule/life to implement more time for me as a person. 

After almost 22 years, I'm finally realizing that I don't need to be doing it all. I'm someone who loves being busy and balancing number plates - but I don't need to do it to the point of stretching myself too thin. I'm taking 18 hours this semester, working part-time, on a leadership team for a huge college retreat my church is putting on, and trying to stay involved in my dorm community. 

I pushed through the first three weeks of school before accepting that I would only make myself miserable, and just because I was doing 20 different things didn't mean I had to keep doing them. 

So after talking to a couple close friends and a lengthy phone call with my mother, I decided to make the best desicion for me. I let my boss know I needed to take that semester off from work - which was terrifying because there are a million ways to justify working, but I need to concentrate on my real full-time job of being a student. And I'm looking into dropping a class that I don't need for my degree plan. I'm even coming to peace with the idea that because I'm not in the Honors program (and it's a bit late to join at this point and still try to graduate on time), I won't get to write a thesis. I really want to write a thesis, friends. I have a creative fiction novel that's been kicking around in my head for years...but I'm learning to let go. And say no, to one thing at a time.

I turn 22 on Sunday, and I'm feeling at peace with my desicions...for the first time I feel like I'm starting to look at my life from an adult perspective in deciding when and where I commit myself. It feels good. 


  1. Happy birthday, dear Grace! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us so often. :) God bless this big change!

    The Starving Inspired

    1. Thanks, Iris! Thank YOU for reading + following along these crazy adventures. :)

  2. Happy early birthday! I know that temptation to just keep piling more and more things on, because they all look so interesting! Good on ya for working towards balance! (Completely out of the blue question, is the retreat Awakening? I feel compelled to ask because I was on leadership for it last semester and I love finding fellow Awakeners, especially from other universities!)

    1. Lisa!! Firstly - thank you for the birthday wishes. And secondly, YES, it is Awakening! I'm Gopher Staff Head for our retreat which is next month, so things are picking up speed. What a small world!! What were you on Leadership? Also, you wouldn't happen to be in/near Texas and want to come staff, would you? ;)