Friday Feelings

Friday, February 27, 2015

Helloooooooo, weekend. I'm glad to see you, because really, we shouldn't talk about how much coffee I've had this week. It's been a long, but not necessarily bad, one. There's just always so much to...and can someone please explain to me how you can clean a room, then turn around to find it a wreck the next day? How?

This is where I remind those who know me that there is a difference, as Adam Levine said, "between dirty and messy" (1:40). I'm not a dirty person - I like clean spaces and organization and color-coordination and a place for everything with everything in its place. BUT...I am also a human. Specifically a creative one, which means sometimes I think best in chaos and does it really matter if there's a pile of clothes on the end of my bed when I'm writing a scene or editing a photo or choreographing a dance? Nope. Nada. Not one bit.

Does that mean I live like a packrat? Of course not! I let things slide when life is just too busy to bother with hanging up clothes, and then I come to my senses + spring into my clean-ALL-the-things, reorder my life, empty my inbox, reply to comments, demolish my to-do-list frenzy. It's wonderful.  As Gina is fond of saying, if you wait 'til the last minute, it only takes a minute.

Also, I indulged in some prime procrastination last night by watching numerous clips of Ellen scaring people on her show - and if you haven't seen the episode where Gru from Despicable Me is a guest, fix that now - as well as all of Elaine Benes' finest moments from Seinfeld.

I laughed a great deal. And resolved to start watching that show on a regular basis. I always forget how essential laughter is for my mental health.

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you have some good laughs.


  1. Hmmm, the difference between dirty and messy is something I remind my mother of quite often... ;) My area is almost always chaotic, BUT I know exactly where everything is when I need it, and like you, sometimes I'm just more productive if things are strewn everywhere. Happy weekend!

    The Starving Inspired

  2. Haha, that is my exact strategy when it comes to cleaning. And you're a Seinfeld fan too? #kindredspirits #elaine4evah