Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1. You guys, my mom is coming - the excitement is through the roof! (I'm also officially 37 and an old lady who likes staying in on Friday nights, dreams of naps, and whose highlight of today will be the madre arriving. I spent all of freshman year and most of sophomore year being super independant  + happy with it...but I just feel old now. So naturally, I want my mom. Heh.

2. Gettin' real with y'all: literally hours after I snapped the pics for my dorm room post, it looked like a hurricane had hit our room. Or at least my side of it. I am one of those crazy people who loves to be organized and has a certain place for everything.....but then will allow things to get messy because I have no time to clean. Then at some point, it becomes unbearable and I put the room in order from top to bottom.

That ain't happening this week, folks. Ain't nobody got time for that.

3. I'm loving this smokey nudes eye make-up tutorial...yesterday, I wore nude eyeshadow and toooooons of black eyeliner. It was a fun change from my usual brown smokey eye, which is pretty similar to Carrie's tutorial. Also, Zoella released her beauty product line! So happy for her.

4. So many exciting collaborations around the web - I mentioned on Instagram that Caitlin + I had done a Lana Del Rey inspired photoshoot. It went like a dream in an enormous concert hall and Caitlin is one of my favorite models - ever. She's absolutely wonderful at following my directions "Turn your head to the side! Just raise it an inch - no, not that way...yes, now look at me - but just with your eyes!" Anyways, definitely go check out her post. She looks gorgeous! Her Strikes My Fancy post is also excellent.

Aaaaaaaaand Monday was actually the return of Modest Monday! I was a bad blogger and wasn't able to get an announcement post up in time, but I'm honored to be hosting Modest Mondays over at the St. Peter's Catholic Student Center blog. Rachel, the lovely lady behind the scenes, is a great friend and suggested the idea. I think it's a great fit and am excited for future posts. I'm hoping to continue style posts on here, but for now, Modest Monday will take place here!


  1. The guy at the school cafeteria was chatting with me today and said he wanted to marry Lana del Ray and asked if I could make that happen. True story. Anyhow, the photos are gorgeous!

    Haha... we have the same cleaning style. I'll let it slide, and let it slide some more, and then more, and then I'll be like "OMG THIS MESS I CAN'T STAND IT!" and frantically clean and be clean for a few days and then go back to mess.

  2. I love when you share makeup ideas! I barely have time for mascara these days, but it makes me look forward to when I can try these ideas out.