'Bout That Wednesday, 'Bout That Wednesday

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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1. If you haven't head Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Base," fix that pronto. It's so catchy and fun...and let's be honest, I'm a fan of any song about being proud of one's curves + booty.

2. I told my suitemate the other morning that if we couldn't have three day weekends, I wish we could at least have a day off in the middle of the school week - like Wednesday, for example. Then we both agreed it would never happen because the majority of college students (sadly) would use it as an excuse to get drunk midweek. Sigh. Problems....

3. On the topic of school, one of my best friends is in England for grad school...and her first week of classes sounds amazing. I actually told her I'm planning on dropping out of undergrad and moving to England asap. First name basis with professors? Studying in pubs? Eating chips in class? Yes, please.

4. If I was a better blogger who had my life together, I'd be participating in the 31 Days series where you blog every day in October. But I don't, so I'm not. Last October, I wrote 31 Days to Living a Grace-filled Life and while I loved every minute, blogging everyday while in the middle of a full semester, working, and being involved in church resulted in  some serious burn out.

This time around, I'm making the call that as much as I'd love to participate, I really need to focus on school and not stretch myself too thin. But I'd highly encourage you to check out Bailey Jean's "Savor Your Season" series and Rachel's posts on "Simplicity" - they are both such wonderful, uplifting writers!

5. I need this shirt. And this one...which would be worn. ever. morning.

6. You guys...I cannot handle Grace's kids (sidenote: how are there so many Graces in the blogsphere?? I know/read the blogs of at least four o.0). But seriously, I'm obsessed with Theo who is white-blonde, adorable, and so cute it makes my heart break and my ovaries go into overdrive.

...TMI? Maybe. But it's a real problem, y'all. Every time she posts pics of her kids, I go through my "Let's drop out of college NOW and just have babies! ALL THE BABIES" phase.

Granted, I kind of need a guy first. And by guy, I mean husband. Who's okay with kids now and even more okay with letting dress them hipster with tiny beanies and wee pants. #cantstopwontstop

Hi, I'm Grace K and I have a problem.

7. I've finally started pinning seriously to my Falling for Fall board...cool weather, I'm ready for you.

8. This is my mindset when it comes to the opposite sex now. It took me so long to reach that point. but I firmly believe it now. I refuse to compete - you either like me or you don't. I'm done with trying to "make" a guy interested in me. Amen forever and ever.

How's your week going, friends? Are you blogging every day in October? What song have you had on repeat lately?


  1. Hi, I'm Mady M. and I love your posts. #justsayin

  2. I'm a long-time reader who keeps sneaking around in the background... perhaps it's my sleep-deprived college state, but I'm finally commenting :)
    1- Ohmygoodness yes Grace's kiddos are the cutest. I'm totally obsessed as well.
    2- I wish I was blogging everyday this month. But alas, like you, I'm choosing responsibility over blogging. (silly, I know...)
    3- Do you listen to acapella? Because Pentatonix's "Papaoutai" has been my repeat song of choice lately.
    Have a great Thursday! The weekend's almost here!

  3. You rock. That is all. ;) and I seriously applaud you for #8. I was reading an article the other day that talked about how, if a girl aggressively throws herself at guys, some of them might go along with it and might even end up marrying you, but by denying them their chance to take the initiative, it begs the question of whether they would have chosen you on their own. I think a lot of guys feel pressured to act a certain way when the girl is the one leading, and it sends to them the subliminal message that we don't have confidence in their ability to make their own decisions (which may very well be true, but why would you want to be with someone like that?!). The worthy guys out there who are earnestly seeking God's will for their lives need our respect and support above all, and by taking away away their chance to call the shots we're taking away part of their identity.

  4. I nominated you for the Mien Libster award on my blog: http://meganisbrave.blogspot.com/2014/10/mein-liebster.html