Wed to the Nes to the Day

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Salut, friends!

1. Let's talk about how the tiredness of the semester is already setting is it that there is so much to do? Classes all day, work, meetings, more meetings, dates with friends, studying, writing, eating, walking everywhere, MORE poor thighs are feeling it, I'm telling you. I'll have legs of steel at the end of the semester.

2. Today is one of those slight hot haute mess days: I woke up "late" just before 8 a.m. (I usually get up around 6:30-7 now) and I had to be somewhere at 9, got locked out of my room, forgot my id and couldn't swipe into the dining hall, spilled liquid on my shirt twice, and walked into class all sweaty and in tshirt + leggings today because we did Pilates this morning instead of our usual ballet class.

So...for all you who said I make college sound so glamorous and just got real. Yo.

3. I just ordered this planner from the Etsy shop Storybook Journals after seeing Moriah with the Anne of Green Gables one. I die. I am so excited! #plannerfreak #stationarynerdandproudofit

4. Per y'all's feeback, there will be a dorm room post (with pictures!) soon, but probably next week. The rest of this week is crazy and I'm off to staff a retreat this weekend, so life stuff comes first!

5. I'm trying to chug all the water by toting around my water bottle. It's a must since the days are hot and I spend all day running around campus from class to class.

6. I'm in a graphic design class, so of course, I do all of my research on Pinterest + have a board for it. And I've fallen in love with the myriad of possibilities when it comes to that type of art. The lines! The colors! The photos! The fonts! It's magical.

7. Ballet is wonderful as ever  - I'm one of those learners who needs to repeat things 10 billion times on my own before it's cemented in my mind, but I'm already planning to take advanced ballet next semester simply because I want to continue dancing.

8. On a very serious note, this article about how porn isn't just a "guy problem" is incredible. So, so powerful and 100% true. I think most Christians assume that only guys struggle with porn. Rarely, if ever, do I read an article or hear someone speak about the detrimental effects it has upon women also. Porn and masturbation are sins that both  men/boys and women/girls struggle with. 

Apologies if this is a bit too heavy for you, but it's one of the "shame" topics that truly upsets me. Just like the sad fact women and girls are blamed more than men for having extramarital sex if the former become pregnant. Some food for thought on this Wednesday.

How's your week, friends?


  1. Holla holla to The Porn Effect- the 'shame topics' are the biggest reason that I love TOB. And it is true that sexual education nowadays- though I can speak only for the girls' class- is shamefully incomplete. But that's a whole 'nother topic.
    And I totally had one of the haute mess days the other day, too. Fist-bump of Haute Mess Sisterhood. ;) God bless you, dearie!

    1. It's an amazing site! I agree...TOB is wonderful about addressing everything to do with sexuality.

      Always good to know there's someone else who's had a Haute Mess day. ;)

  2. Hmm...maybe I should reconsider this whole college thing. (JK) That planner is so CUTE! I totally agree that porn affects women as well, good points were brought up in the article.

    1. College is pretty great - but to each their own! And I'm excited for the planner. Austen-themed anything is lovely.

  3. Great post- your last point reminded me of an article I just read.

  4. Such a cute planner! So glad you're enjoying ballet (also basically every dancer I've ever known has to repeat everything tons of times before muscle memory finally takes over). Oh, the messy days...I seem to keep having them too! Have fun on your retreat!

    1. Thanks for the advice, Lisa! It's comforting to know most dancers have to repeat and repeat and repeat. <3