The Dorm Diaries// Room Tour

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello, friends! It's been a bit since my last post, for which I both apologize and don't apologize for. These past few weeks have been jam-packed with meetings, assignments, college events, and simply attending classes. I have to stop and remember that I'm so tired because I'm taking 17 hours, so there is an actual reason why it feels like the workload never ends (although I think every college student feels like that).

But there are little blessings in life - like grabbing Canes after church with the best friend, having time for a cup of coffee in the morning, a sweet note of encouragement from a hallmate, and unexpectedly getting to attend a play which prompting hours of binge-watching Broadway YouTube clips.

So today I'm slowing down a little to spend time with you. Let's make it a coffee date - I have a mug of coconut mocha coffee as I type...and it's not just any coffee date because I'm delighted to announce the first post in the new college series for the blog:

  The Dorm Diaries!

I've been wanting to "show you around" my room for a while, so what more perfect way to kick off this series than to show the little things I've done to make my ordinary dorm room feel more like home and more like me. If you've been reading for a while - or even if you just clicked over and saw my blog header - you know I love color.

 Teal, orange, fuschia are some of my favorites because they simply pop so much! 

How cute is that Macbeth eraser? My best friend studied abroad in England this summer and brought it back for me from Stratford-upon-Avon since we're both theater/Shakespeare adorers. I love reading about my passions (photography, fashion, writing) and I'm blessed to be able to say I can read the above books "for class"! None are required, but I like to do some light reading outside of class to stay on top of things. ;) The journal was another present from the bestie - it's a running joke that I have the most "feels" between the two of us. 

I spotted this adorable gold-plated dachshund tape dispenser at Target (that store has my soul) and couldn't not buy it. Also, the best friend has a matching one. Yes, we are those best friends.

If I'm in my room, it's a guarantee that Pandora or Spotify is playing...I love having chill music in the background when I'm studying or hanging out in the room. Mindy Gledhill is a favorite channel.

Shoes! These two pairs are a necessity for college students - dorms get cold and after walking around campus all day, my feet are always so happy to slip into my Ugg moccasins (ridiculously comfortable). And rainboots need no explanation - especially in the South where it can be sunny one moment and pouring rain the next. I love, love my bright pillar box red Hunter boots and get so much use out of them. Both pairs of shoes were Christmas presents from my sneaky parents and I couldn't ask for better footwear! 

Of course I've got Mama Mary on my bookshelf - right next to the Febreze, yes, but it's a small shelf! I like to think Jesus's mother is okay with it - she knew the importance of a clean house. 

This is only about 2/3 of my sunglasses collection as I'm missing about 3 pairs (aviators, cat-eye + hippies), but I find hanging them not only is a fun display, but also makes it easy to grab whichever one coordinates with my outfit that day.

I am a serious pen addict - especially ink pens. I always get a new box of colored ones to color-coordinate my planner every semester and use the black ones for writing lists, letters, and fiction/real writing. Nothing like fresh, black ink on a crisp white page!

I needed some new stationary so I picked up this set at Target at the end of summer...again, Target just can't do anything wrong.  And of course, I have a separate set of colored pens for on top of my desk. I love gold, so this glitter vase that my talented little sister made was perfect to display them. And this adorable little white cat is actually a pen that the best friend also brought me from Europe. She has a matching pink dachshund on her desk as her personality is more like that, and mine is more of a cat. 

I store my makeup in a fold-out case now; again, another purchase before the start of the semester that has proved to be such a good investment! It's so easy to put everything up now and keep everything separate + organized. Loooove. 

If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations! Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of my room. If you're a college girl, what does your room look like? 


  1. your dorm. So girly + colorful. IN LOVE. ♥

  2. I have to admit I was WAY to excited when I saw this post in my feed! :) Gotta get myself a pair of those boots and moccasins! #twinsies I love the idea of using a makeup case in a dorm room! And holy cow girl, those pens!

  3. I ADORE this post. <3 Your room looks so comfy and cozy-- and so well stocked!! Beautifully edited photos. Good luck, and blessings!

  4. oh my gosh, call me nosy, but this was seriously the best post... love your decorating ideas! ♥

  5. I agree-this was an excellent post. You can tell a lot about a person by their room, and I feel like I've gotten to know you a bit better:)

  6. I also have sticky notes like that on my desk shelf. Super motivational! :)
    You've inspired me to take pictures of my dorm room lol. Unfortunately, mine doesn't have nearly as many cute knickknacks that yours does.
    Love this!!

  7. Your room looks so cosy and cute! Unfortunately, my room looks like a random bunch of furniture acquired from the previous tenants of our apartment and a lot of paper littering the floor and everything thrown everywhere. Ahem. I'll blame sickness and stress. And might go tidy up. Thanks for some cleaning inspiration -- I mean, thanks for showing off your truly lovely home!

  8. It's so happy! Can I come over and hang out? I'll bring cookies!! ;)

  9. Garsh I love your organizational skillz! Now, if ever I can get time to clean my own room.... ;) I seem to have a knack for emptying my purse onto my dresser and not finding a way to sort through the clutter. Also, your decorating style? So lovely. I'd like to think my dorm room was almost as fun as yours but nostalgia might be kicking in. Where did you get coconut mocha coffee? That sounds so amazing right now.