A Few of My Favorite Things

Friday, September 12, 2014

-girls with messy hair
-the smile that comes from reading words from a loved one
-the rain as it kisses the earth
-soft swirls of white blankets
-slow, rich jazz music
-travel journals + blogs of adventurers 
-dark chocolate
-spontaneous handwritten notes
-friends who send me perfect Pins bc they get me
-Dario Marianelli's soundtracks
-hiding on grassy knolls from the world
-flying on airplanes
-the sweet sacred moment in mornings just before waking
-a good love story
-tight hugs that feel like coming home
-striped shirts
-striped anything, really
-coffeeshops on rainy days
-saying no when you really need to
-being alone
-the moments in between
-brightly colored umbrellas
-dancing in ballet shoes
-black eyeliner
-life and all its messiness
-the warm glow of lamplight
-bookshelves filled
-dark hair-words
-you readers

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