Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1. So many things to share this week! It's been one of great posts around the blogsphere - I've more than definitely had my share on non-make up days already, but most days I try and put some on. This post about how to make your lipstick last all day is great.

2. French pop songs have been my constant pump-up music when I'm walking to class or studying late and need to stay alert + motivated. I've always loved that genre, but American hits just aren't doing it for me, probably because I'm burned out on them. Whatever the reason, I'm especially loving European club music.

3. I've been having fun trying to mix and match outfits while wearing core pieces in my wardrobe how to wear this dress 5 different ways. (You know my stripes addiction, so obviously I want. it.)

4. It's wonderful to be taking a photography class again - after having one each semester since freshman year (except for last semester), it's great to be shooting for "homework." I essentially want to take fashion/portrait/studio pictures for an entire week straight. But alas....I have other things to do.

5, Finally someone understands! What to read next if you've read all of Jane Austen's books.

6. I'm going though babies withdrawal again, but luckily I can drool over Grace's adorable kiddos, Bev's insanely cute Instagram (blonde twins!!), and Taza's precious gang in NY.

7. I love reading friends' posts - Caitlin rounded up some of her Internet favorites (LOTR themed this week), Marisa talked about college life, and Amanda's brilliant + hilarious post about soundtracks of our lives made me go, "Preach!" (not really. Just in my head) I frequently pretend to be a spy, Harry Potter, or a evil queen while walking to class or studying in my room to music.

8. Loving allll these career tips about being strong women - from strong, successful women like Tina Fey, Nora Ephron, etc. PREACH.

9. Off to ballet class in leggings, a long striped shirt, cat-eyeliner, and a bun. Sometimes I'm so chic, I can't stand it. (emphasis on sarcasm)

10. A friend has dubbed today "Wear a Skirt Wednesday" so there's a couple of us joining in. Should be fun!

How's your week, friends?


  1. A photography class? Fun! I'd love to see if you ever did a fashion portfolio.

  2. You pull off winged liner so well, though. I always love your RLW posts, girl! Keep em coming. ;)