Weekend Things

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Last Saturday I posted about how it'd been a long, tiring week - it was a jumbled, but honest + real post.

And then somehow, I dropped off the face of the blogsphere for the entire week, so here I am on a Saturday again...after a REALLY long week. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that the main reason there weren't any posts this week was because I spent a couple days in Dallas with my younger brother and his girlfriend.

 The little bro is an avid futebol (aka European soccer, for clueless Americans) fan, so we roadtripped to the grand city of Dallas to see Spain and Italy, specifically the clubs Real Madrid and AS Roma, battle it out. I've always been more a fan of European "football" than the American version...partly because it's much more cultural as every country plays it and the World Cup is, frankly, a game of epic proportions. And you get to see all of the players' attractive faces...coughcough. David Beckham, anyone?

I also may or may not have fallen hard for one of the players after catching a glimpse of him on the big screen and watching him play his heart out...Gareth Bale.

 I mean, just look at those cheekbones. Although, it was his long hair that first caught my eye.

However, it seems he's off the market as he's happily dating his longtime partner + childhood sweetheart Emma Rhys-Jones with whom he has an adorable little daughter. Sigh. 

Anyways, I went expecting to have fun, but I was pleasantly surprised by HOW much I enjoyed the game. And getting to spend three days with my brother and his sweet girlfriend was full of laughs, hijinks, and occasionally tense moments of driving. Thankfully, we have family on both sides in Dallas and were able to stay with my lovely cousin and her husband who graciously let us crash in their guest bedroom and partake of their kitchen coffee bar (!!).

Dallas highlights included: In-N-Out (for my brother and his girlfriend who had both never had it; I'd had it in California before), lots of Starbucks, shopping at Banana Republic, not being able to find our car after the game and walking for an hour in the enormous + dark stadium parking lot, jamming out to the Star Wars soundtrack while driving through Dallas traffic at midnight, catching up with an old college friend who was unexpectedly in town, eating one of the best burgers of my life, and dodging  traffic to take a selfie with the 'X' that marks the spot where JFK was shot in Dealey Plaza. 

As both of us had to work on Thursday, we had to drive back and thus spent most of the day on the road which was slightly stressful and definitely draining/tiring. Driving 6+ hours and then working a closing shift, then waking up to work an 8 hour shift today left little time, energy, or mental clarity to formulate a blog post. 

But! The weekend is finally here...I'm heading to a wedding tomorrow and my best friend is finally back from studying abroad in Europe, so there shall be much hugging and recounting of London, Paris, and Athens adventures. Hoping you all have a lovely weekend, and if I haven't replied to your comment during the past week and a half, please bear with me. It's been a looooong two weeks. I'm working on catching up on all comments and emails in the next few days. 


  1. brooke millerAugust 02, 2014

    LOVE YOUR BLOG, keep up the good work! much love :)

    1. LOVE YOU! It was so great to get to know you better this weekend, girlie! Thanks so much for putting up with my crazy brother + I. <3

  2. Sigh... All the cutest ones are taken, huh? I feel your pain.

    The Starving Inspired