Wednesday Confessions

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


1. I'm currently in the midst of last minute getting things and packing to head back to college for junior year. Things were a little postponed in terms of prep because I was busy all last week with work and all sorts of craziness. So I spent most of last night thinking of everything I have to get before the padre and I take off at an insane a.m. hour tomorrow. So today is totally crazy: I'm wearing a college t-shirt, haven't showered in quite a few days, and the only ounce of makeup on my face is necessary concealer. Ain't nobody want to see those dark circles.

2. This is probably evident but I totally love road trips. I'd like to think I'm pretty fun to road trip with...I'm happy to drive most/all the way, always stop for coffee, and believe driving entails jamming out to an epic playlist. 

Unless we're related and then I occasionally get snappy if you a) criticize my driving, b) change my music (um, no. Driver is in charge of music, thank you very much) or c) there's bad/stupid/aggressive drivers on the road. 

3. I've not had a salad in...weeks? But this blood orange + kale one looks mouthwatering!

4. I am the biggest dork. My friends (and apparently you readers) think I'm funny - I do make people laugh....but my family is a completely different story. They call my bluff. every. time. They just shake their head in a "honey, don't even try" way. My little sisters are 13 and 12 and officially that age where they think I'm a try-hard who's "not cool." So sad...

5. This summer has been practically a "no make-up" one for me...I've dramatically reduced my everyday routine to just concealer, bronzer (I love me some contouring), occasionally light brown eyeshadow, and eyeliner. I haven't worn mascara for months. Gasp. And I haven't even missed it. I'm fortunate to have dark, long eyelashes to begin with, so it's not an obvious difference. I do love this brow tutorial from A Beautiful Mess...even if you do nothing else but eyebrows and concealer, it makes you look put together. 

6. The photographer in me would love to photograph Daniel Radcliffe simply because he knows how to change emotion and facial expression in every shot. Love it.

6.  I am not a country music fan. At ALL. I'm the person who always skips to another station if I happen to land on the country station. But, I am a true-blooded Texan, so country music is as much a part of life in the Lone Star State as tea is in England. I do enjoy line dancing and two stepping, but you won't find me willingly listening to country music on my own. 

I am, also, however the biggest hypocrite when it comes to things I've publicly proclaimed to hate....I was driving the kids somewhere and this Luke Bryan song came on the radio.

And I liked it. 

My defense is that is actually had a really good dance beat (like most pop + hip-hop songs). That's my story and I'm  sticking to it. Either way, I've been playing "That's My Kind of Night" non-stop. 

6. Speaking of music, my little sisters made me listen to a song the other day that they INSISTED was a "Grace song." I found that claim both amusing and highly know you know someone well when you can hear a song and know they'd like it. It was this one from the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. After giving it a listen, I could tell why: it was soft, ballad-like, with a catchy chorus, and perfect for a rainy day. Just these other "Grace songs" that I love

7. After a friend mentioned she went to see The Hundred-Foot Journey, which she said was worth watching just for the food shots alone, I had to watch the trailer. It's a charming film about an Indian family who relocates to France and tries to open an Indian restaurant a hundred feet right across the street from a Michelin star restaurant owned by Helen Mirren's character. I immediately contracted "MUSTSEEITNOW" symptoms and dragged my mother to a late night showing. We both loved it - we laughed through the whole thing, cried numerous times, and left hungry for Indian and French food. Also, the leading actor has these gorgeous, soulful, puppy dog eyes that just make you love him.

Basically.....GO SEE IT. You're welcome.

8. This bad picture of Tom Hiddleston is the only of its kind on the internet. But really....

9. Also, I really want these pjs. But they're toddler-sized by the looks of it. Maybe if I order an XXXXXXL? Maybe.

That's all, friends - I'll be back at school when I post next. How's your week? Any song you can't get enough of? Seen anything good at the movies? 


  1. Um, I'm pretty sure that's a not a picture of Tom Hiddleston, but one of Benny C.
    I'm with you on country music. Born in raised in Kansas, but I absolutely hate it.

  2. I'm just barely on the other end of moving in, but I'm definitely looking forward to the junior year/seeing friends part! And it's okay to secretly like music you profess to hate. :) Good luck with getting settled in!