To All Young People: Why You Should Believe in Daydreams

Friday, August 15, 2014

A letter to new college students heading off in a week, in two weeks, in two days for a new world, for new experiences, and possibly even for new dreams. To those who are freshmen. 
And to those who are not and perhaps might need encouragement that your dream is good. 
You are allowed to dream. 
Just make sure you chase it. 

We all dream.

Not merely at night...but during the day.

When the sun's rays are brightest and sleep is the furthest thing from our mind, our daydreams are the strongest.

We all have our own mountains we want to climb, the sights we want to see, the feelings we want to claim as our own. In daydreams, we leave reality and her pessimistic voice behind, we ignore the naysayers in our head, and shut out the "it-will-never-happens."

When we daydream, we open ourselves up to possibilities. we take a look at ourselves and in an instant know what we are capable of.

Daydreams allow us to see the truth and haunting beauty in the moments in between day-today life.

One real-life inspiration of that is the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty...if you haven't seen it or listened to the soundtrack, please go do so at once. It's one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and invigorating films about the importance of both daydreams AND of taking action in order to make those dreams a reality.

Like Walter Mitty, I've always been a dreamer...a would-be-adventurer, a magic see-er.

There's so much I want to do. I wish I could have four different majors and minors simultaneously...I can't imagine not knowing what I want to do or not wanting to do anything.

I want to capture art through the camera,
design beautiful dresses,
create magazines,
write cookbooks and travel guides,
write children's books,
act onstage,
direct Shakespearean plays,
write screenplays about real, raw people and their emotions.

I want to capture color on the page through an artist's tool,
write young adult fiction,
act in films,
sketch illustrations,
choreograph dances,
stage fashion shoots,
style outfits,
film makeup tutorials,
review films and restaurants,
sing onstage,
voice a Disney princess.

I want to teach photography,
and own my own business.

I want to live life. With plenty of laughter, love, and making art. Every day, in the way I live.

I want to go further in and higher up.

Those are my daydreams. And ones, I think, that might even come true - if only in attempting them. Whether or not they actually happen is not the important part.

The important, life-giving part is that I try. 

I've got an entire lifetime. So it's time.

So, dear intrepid, young, would-be explorers....go. 
And do. 


  1. Walter Mitty! That was an amazingly good film!
    We need to be doers-not just listeners or dreamers or thinkers.

  2. Oh, I'm right there with you! There are so many things my husband and I want to do and places we want to see. I've always been a dreamer it is so refreshing when you marry your best friend who wants to live an adventure of a life with you. Dreams are so important and I believe, there is a never a time where giving up makes sense. Life is too great to settle for anything less than wonderful! Great post!

  3. This is all SO excellent + encouraging.
    (also gorg pics + walter mitty is a favorite of mine. soo good. ♥)

  4. Super inspiring post Grace dear! Just what I needed tonight, as I count down the days till my own return from college. I think it's so easy to get caught up in the work and assignments and stress, and then forget about the dreams and ambitions and even small desires we have. Those are wonderful and inspiring things to hold on to!
    Also, I NEED to watch this film -- I've heard such good things about it, and haven't gotten around to it!
    Much love and prayers :)