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Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! I'm back in the swing of things and talking about something that all us girls struggle with...body image. It's such a discussed topic - to the point of almost becoming a cliche.

But how ridiculous is that?? It's clearly still a problem, because I still struggle with self-esteem, my friends do, my sisters and cousins do, my classmates do...every woman struggles with viewing herself positively no matter what she looks like.

Obviously, we will always see things that could be improved: "I wish I was taller, "I wish my legs were longer," "I wish my nose was slimmer," "I wish I was curvier," etc. 

But I've decided there's a point in life (maybe quite a few) where you have to throw up your hands, look in the mirror, and say, "You know what, world? Sure, I might be 5/10/20 lbs heavier than I want to be, but I look pretty flippin' fantastic the way I am right now!"

I've talked before about how I struggle feeling confident in my body, something I've noticed especially increased during this past Lent when I gave up wearing makeup. I caught myself thinking, 'Ugh, I must look so tired and puffy and unattractive,' or 'I can't even compensate for how I look by wearing make-up so my face at least looks pretty.'

As soon as I caught myself thinking those and similar trains of thoughts, I was shocked. What the heck? Where was all that shame coming from? The negative thinking just kept spiraling though until finally, after I'd gotten back from New York during spring break and was unpacking, I'd had enough. 

Wearing a black camisole and black leggings, with my wet, freshly-washed hair wrapped in a towel, I looked in the mirror and decided no more. 

Because sometimes you have to say "screw it" to the world. 

So no, I may not be long-legged, thin, with high cheekbones, and toned arms. But I look pretty dang good just the way I am. 

Yes, I have steps to take towards being healthier and lighter...but while I'm working on taking those steps, I do not want to be my hardest hater. 

I don't want to think I will only be beautiful and attractive again once I lose weight and get in shape. I want to accept my body how it is now and be encouraging - not negative and demeaning - towards it. 



  2. Love this! Even though I still struggle with body image from time to time, I think I have come to a place where I have excepted the way I look, and like it! Of course there are things I'm working on, but I know that God made me the way I am, and I don't want to change the way he made me. :)

  3. I love this. So so much, body image is a silent struggle for so many people. Tha you for these beautiful words.The Starving Inspired