Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1.Hi, friends! I'm finally back at college - hence the lack of posts recently. Things are always crazy with moving in, getting last minute things, and preparing for classes. I've had the first of all my classes now and can honestly say I'm extremely excited for the semester. I'm taking photojournalism, a screenwriting class, and even ballet.

2. Let's talk leotards. I was terrified out of my mind apprehensive about having to wear a leotard for ballet, something that shows EVERY little bump and line of my body. You know, like a bathing suit. Ugh. I pictured myself looking like a lumpy sausage next to gazelle-like girls with long, thin legs who have done ballet for years. But then I tried one on and was pleasantly surprised to find it more forgiving than I'd thought. And our teacher is so I'm actually looking forward to class. Bring on the serious thigh muscles.

3. Speaking of body image, I loved Carrie's post. I've always thought she looks so amazing, so to hear her say that she wears size large and has "a belly to hide" was so unbelievably awesome. Major props to her for being so honest about her body and how comfortable she feels in it!

4. These Burt's Bees pink grapefruit facial cleaning towelettes are the. bomb. But really though, I am in love. I've tried so many make-up wipes and these are by far the best: not only are they insanely soft and don't irritate my skin, but they are enormous so I can usually tear them in half and that's more than enough. Also, they smell like fresh grapefruit. What more could you ask for?

5. I haven't properly Pinned anything in over a week simply because I've been so busy that I keep forgetting about it...and I miss it. It really does relax me at the end of a day. Luckily, I'll have an official excuse to get on as I'll be using it for inspiration for a couple classes. My Moments in Between board is still going strong's one of my top favorite boards to go on a Pinning spree for. All the adventure and cups of tea.

6. My new roommate and I are getting along splendidly - she's a senior and one of the sweetest girls ever. I've known her since freshman year, so it's great fun getting to room with her. We found out the first day in our room together that we're both a) heavy sleepers (so morning alarms of the other person don't wake us up), b) night owls by nature, c) obsessed with/know all the words to Wicked. I think we'll be just fine.

7. Also.....I am now a morning person??? Since classes started, I've woken up at either 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. Who am I? Amanda definitely has it right, though - you get so much more (yes, grammatically incorrect, I know) done in the morning if you're up early!

8. I finished all my homework early last night and decided to celebrate by watching the latest James Bond film Skyfall. So. Good. I love Daniel Craig. Judy Dench is amazing. Javier Bardem is brilliant as a blonde mastermind. And Eve? So sassy + classy at the same time. That's all I can say.

How's your week, friends? My freshman girls out there - how's your first week of college been?


  1. Heyy! It's Mercy again. :) I'm still keeping up with your blog, and I love, love, love it. <33 It's not my first week of college, it's my first week of being a senior in high school, but it's going great! :)
    I've found that I get way more done when I get up earlier than when I stay up late, too!! :)

  2. I've been getting up early too. It's weird. Maybe I'll become a morning person....because it's nice to have extra time before my early classes to finish studying/read/pray/eat/etc. Weird stuff this junior year. ;)

  3. Ballet! This is the first time that I just literally can't fit it into my schedule. I miss it so much. And you're right - the wrong leo makes a difference, even on the most slender of slender gazelles. But the right one is the best! (Sorry, having a little dance major geek out here...) Good luck with all of your dance endeavors! This first week so far has been going well. Junior year is looking pretty great from here. :)