On Love: Part II (Your First Love)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Continuing some thoughts on love. You can read part I here. 

Love's a funny thing. It turns you inside out and yet, if you look deep enough and sit very, very still while waiting patiently...you find yourself. The you you're meant to be, the one that's been waiting for the right person to come along.

All it takes is one day. One day that changes how you think, how you feel, who you are, what your future is. It's not always a breathless, instantaneous, romantic moment that occurs in the span of a single day. But sooner or later, you realize during one particular, ordinary day, that love is in your life. In your heart.

I don't think you ever forget your first love.  It's such an incredible moment - one imprinted on your memory forever when you realize you love him.

When you finally lift your eyes to the person you pretended didn't exist, when you breathe in and realize it's him that takes your breath away, when you're falling and crashing to the ground but it's somehow all right because he's worth it and life tastes sweet + bitter all at once, and it's craziness and madness, and so utterly right and foolishly wrong at the same time.

But that's love. It's so illogical yet makes perfect sense.

Because that one - the one whom you realize you love...he's part of your story. He is your story, because there's something inside of you that changes forever because of that man. 
And that's just it. Because he may not know and may never know just what he's done, what change he's brought, what moments he's made sweeter...and that's okay, too.

Someone once said we are all someone's unfolding story.

Your first love is the beginning of that story. They awaken a part of your heart you didn't know, a part you didn't realize could feel that deeply. A part that dies and is reborn.

Something changes after your first love. You're no longer quite the same...perhaps because you've stood, solemn and quiet,  close to Love and it's something that takes your breath away, that makes you realize somehow and somewhere that you crossed the line from childhood and teenhood...
Somewhere a step was taken - one small, ordinary step - that took you out of the sunny spring glade of childhood and into the richer, deeper wood of Summer that is touched with a hint of fall and a promise of new things to come.

And you pause on a bank and the wind swirls up around you, cool and new, somewhat disconcerting and yet exhilarating...and you suddenly realize where you are.

And that you and your story are unfolding.

It's page one.

And it's the first page - a special page - of the greatest adventure of all.

Of your story.


  1. Beautiful!
    Your writings of pages reminded me of an old saying my mom says, "let God write your love story".

  2. When are you going to write a relationship book for Catholic girls? Seriously, I'd buy it right away. :) Blessings!