Real Life Wednesday: Summer Edition

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1. Can we talk about how lovely summer is? I wrote an unpublished post about how summer really doesn't like me, because the past few summers ended being stressful...but I tend to forget there's always light at the end of the tunnel (even if it looks like the light of the oncoming train at first). Cough. 

ANYWAYS, my point is that I spent the first couple weeks of recovering from school by sleeping absurdly late (still am, actually), and having far too much time to think about life, the fact that I'm a junior, that I graduate college the spring after next and what am I doing with my life?

But as always, God's got things in hand and the past week + a half have just been lovely. Getting lots of sleep, spending the night at my best friend's, marathon-watching Ugly Betty with my little sisters, getting fresh air, catching up with old friends, and finally figuring out that I don't have to take summer school this summer. This girl is a lot happier. So, friends, if your summer's looking a bit bleak, cheer up! It gets better, I promise. 

2. Iced drinks are my jam as always - I'm still loving iced caramel coffee, but pomegranate mocktails, Raisin' Cane's lemonade, and  Dr Pepper with vanilla + raspberry flavors from Sonic are up there also. So, so good. 

3. Jimmy Fallon really is the best. He's rapidly become my favorite talk show host simply because he's so nice! He's absolutely hilarious too, of course, but I love that he can crack me up without being offensive or downright cruel towards celebrities. This skit with Justin Timberlake + Steve Carell is too funny. 

4. Let's talk books! I have been a reading machine over here and whizzed through thirteen books in the past two weeks. I've been a bookworm since birth, but rarely have time to read for fun during the college semesters. I reread The Ruby Red trilogy, a fantasy series about a girl who realizes she has a time-travel gene. Quite a good read that had me up an entire night because I sped through the first two books. 

My other top favorites so far have been Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Everyone is Beautiful. Mindy's book is a hilarious collection of honest, funny, smart essays about Mindy's life, how she landed a role on The Office as well as being a writer for the show. I love her. She tells it like it is. (Also, can we take 5 minutes to freak out over how cute her + The Office co-star, co-writer, best friend and ex BJ Novak's relationship is?)

And Everyone is Beautiful...oh, my gosh. I loved that book so much. So. Much. It's about a young mom of three little kids with a wonderful grad student husband. Exhausted, worn out, and a mother 24/7, she sets out to make some changes by joining a gym and rediscovering hobbies + passions. One of my favorite things about this book was that it felt so real. Despite being an unmarried college student with no children or even a romantic relationship, I related to the main character so much, especially when she realized she had to rediscover herself without loosing everything in her life that mattered to her. I can't recommend this book enough except to say go to a library or a bookstore and read it! I laughed so, so many times at the crazy things her little kids did and found myself rooting for the main character's marriage. I saw my future in this book...I saw myself in that exact situation ten years down the road. And I don't mind at all. Because as the main character realizes, we're all messes. But everyone is a beautiful mess. 

(And now I just wrote a cheesy mini-novel review. But....yeah. It was that good of a book.)

5. To combat all my Ugly Betty watching + hours of reading, I've been taking walks every day. Sometimes even twice a day, which still shocks me because I was horribly anti-exercise all spring semester. But I finally found my motivation and am now addicted to daily walks - even if it's hot and sunny! 

There are three reasons for this: 
1) I tell myself I'm working on my tan by getting out in the sun. 
2) My family has a dog and the poor girl doesn't get out much if I don't take her.
3) I take my phone + earbuds with me and put Pandora on. 

It's been glorious and I love it! 

6. There was supposed to be a Modest Monday post at the beginning of this week, but the weather decided it was time for a monsoon and poured/sheeted/stormed all day, so....I had a very cute outfit planned that I ended up wearing three different ways. Which might make it on the blog later this week. 

7. I went through a massive closet clean-out and have multiple huge trash bags of clothes to donate to a thrift store. It feel so good to declutter and organize my life. I'm planning another one before I go back to school in the fall. 

8. I'm attending two weddings in the next few weeks and I couldn't be more excited!! Time to go shopping pick out outfits from the wardrobe I already have. Still...very excited. I love weddings, getting dressed up for them, dancing at receptions, and the cake. It's always about the cake, right, girls? 

How's your summer going? Favorite summer drinks or books that you've read recently? Hit me up!


  1. Daily walks have been a staple in my routine since it was warm enough to get outside. ;) This winter, as I'm sure you know, was absolutely absurd, and I was going stir crazy. Emphasis on crazy. Muy loco.

    I keep seeing Mindy's books popping up all over the place, but I haven't had the chance to nab one for myself yet... I'm glad I have a good reference now, though. ;) Maybe it'll get my butt moving on that.

    And yes. Yes, it is always about the cake. Always.

    God bless!
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

    1. I hear you, girl. Those daily walks have been my favorite thing each day. And yes, yes!!! Give her books a read! She's so funny. And yep, glad to know I'm not the only one who ranks wedding cake high on the list.

  2. Love this post! I'm all into chai tea frappes- so yummy! Have you read The Selection series by Kiera Cass? If not, go get them! They are postively amazing!
    God bless!

    1. Ugh, I love chai tea anything - but especially frappes! And I haven't...but I keep eyeing the Selection series - so glad to hear they're recommended!

  3. Love your Post :) I am from Germany and the ruby red trilogy is actually originally German, although set in England. The movie to the first book came out here in Germany last year and I think the next one is coming out sometime this summer. I really enjoyed the books as well :)

    1. Hi, Hannah! Thank you so much for commenting! I'm so honored that you find my blog interesting enough to read...and yes, I really like the fact that the author is German. I'm very glad the books were translated into English so I could read them! I've seen the trailer for the film and am excited to see it. :)

  4. Yay, sounds like your summer is going fabulously!!!!

  5. I'm gonna have to give the Everyone is Beautiful a try! Enjoy the rest of your Summer! And I am the same way about weddings (its all about the cake ;)