Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1. I just got back from a mini family vacation where we visited the Mexican side of the family. It was great to see all the aunts, uncles, and love on my little baby cousins. This chica...she's killing me. I wanted to bring her back with me and kiss her adorable little face forever.

2. While back in Texas, my little sister and I were treated to manicures + pedicures by my aunt (Little Miss's madre). Ermegosh. This was my first time getting either...and let's just say I plan on it not being the last. I felt so pampered having my feet messaged + rubbed with lotion.

My cuticles were opened up. You guys...I didn't even KNOW THEY WERE CLOSED. Life changing.

3. Last week, I spent the loveliest hour Skyping with my dear Liz from Sunny Side Up! I love this girl so much and talking to her in person was even better than chatting online. We laughed, talked about college life, boys, Mass, and summer plans.

 I agree with her that it would be wonderful if we could meet up for weekly lunch dates.

4. Also, Liz wrote a beautiful + profound post about being Blinded By Comparison and how we as young women especially can struggle with that when we see other women who are living out their dream. Clare wrote an equally beautiful and eloquent response here

5. This list of how to incorporate Audrey Hepburn wardrobe basics is stellar...I'll take a striped shirt and some Roman Holiday-esque sandals, please.

6. The one thing I hate about wearing makeup during summer is that my mascara always, inevitably melts and creates unnatural dark circles under my eyes if I'm not careful...I think I'll try these no-melt mascara tips.

7. I've realized I never finished posting the last NYC post. Oops. Bad blogger move, Grace. (You can read day one and day two here.) So look for that soon! I'm currently working on the single girl post as well as some exciting fashion posts!

8. I'm becoming known as the iced coffee girl at our Starbucks...I tried a black caramel iced coffee one day earlier this semester and got hooked. It's only $2 and something cents. I don't even add cream or milk anymore because the caramel syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Who am I?

9. Gabrielle Aplin, a young English singer, has been my go-to artist lately. I love her soft, wistful songs. 

How's your Wednesday? What's your favorite coffee drink right now? Do you get your nails done? 


  1. Thanks dear. ;) I'll be sure to start our letter-writing adventure as soon as I'm settled in Ohio as well!
    Also, ditto on the summer makeup thing. It's a real problem with humidity!

    1. You are more than welcome, m'dear. :) And yes, letter-writing sounds wonderful!

  2. Love your nails! So cute!
    Even though I work as a barista, I cannot stand coffee. I never have liked it...but I am loving our signature summer drink- a cotton candy frappe:)

    1. Thanks, Carey! I love that it's possible to pick a different color for toes...perfect for indecisive people like me. Ah, that must be interesting being surrounded by the scent of coffee all day! I have quite a few friends who are anti-coffee too.

  3. The last actual manicure I got was for my wedding--I figured that was a good enough excuse! I do love having pretty nails, so I paint mine often at home.

    1. Great thinking...that's usually how I pamper myself too, with at-home manicures.

  4. Tehe! Manicures and peds are the bomb xD
    Pineapples & Daisies

    1. I agree, Brooke - thanks for stopping by!