When in Doubt, Go to Dallas

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! I'm dragging a bit over here, and already ready for the week to be over even though it just started. Anyone else? Although that does mean finals would be closer...it's the last week of school and you can tell around from the antsy mood around campus. We're all itching for summer break.

 So in the meantime, I thought I'd share pictures from my recent trip to Dallas. After all, road trips make everything better! My roommate and I had a weekday off from school a couple weeks back (school holiday) and rather than partaking in campus celebrations, we decided to get some fresh air and head to another city.
Click here to open up some of my favorite Spotify road trip tunes.

We stopped in Fort Worth and enjoyed a leisurely morning at Half-Price Books. 

The best book - and film! 

Our first stop in Dallas was at Mudslingers, a fun Western/almost steampunk-themed coffeeshop in Greenville. Mocha + a chai latte, complete with foam art. Gets me everytime.

Greenville Avenue is a long street of cute shops and restaurants perfect for strolling + window shopping. After getting to meet up with my cousin Jacqui, who'd recommended Mudslingers to us, we headed to lunch at a place that also came highly recommended. Breadwinners!

My gorgeous fellow road tripper + roommate. 

We opted to sit outside as it was a ridiculously beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and strong, summer breezes. A plate of different sweet breads (raspberry pecan + gingerbread) came out for us to munch on while we perused the menu. My roommate decided on a tomato + cheddar grilled cheese and I chose the turkey club - with sweet potato fries on the side for both us, of course. In case it's not clear from past food posts, I am a freak for sweet potatoes. I will always, always choose them over regular fries if offered the option.

So much. good. food. We each could barely finish half of our plate!

We decided to house-gaze and drove up + down Beverly Street, which for non Dallas natives, is where all the $12 million dollar homes are. We had difficulty keeping our mouths closed - it was a beautiful neighborhood. Statues of lions, fountains, arched doors, and gorgeous landscaping in the front yard was a basic for most houses. The entire street looked like an ultra wealthy version of Home & Garden magazine.  

We'd stopped at Trader Joe's in Fort Worth earlier for snacks - but mostly because I screamed  exclaimed loudly when I saw the sign and begged my roommate to stop. These crisps = the chocolate equivalent of Pringles. Otherwise known as crack. 

Next stop - Highland Park Village for even more walking + shopping! The weather was insanely gorgeous and perfect for strolling around + just enjoying the day. Highland is an extremely nice shopping center with high end brand names as well as anything you could need: Starbucks, a gourmet grocery store, and even a movie theater. 

We almost stopped to see The Muppets Movie (read: the film that Tom Hiddleston makes a cameo in) or God's Not Dead, but decided we didn't want to waste time since we had to head back later. 

When I spotted the Anthropologie, I insisted on dragging  my roommate in to show her the wonders of Anthro. If I had the money, I would never leave this store. It makes my color-loving heart happy. 

Isn't this dachshund dish towel just precious? My best friend is a proud dachshund owner + obsessed with all the wiener dogs. For the first six years of our friendship, I never understood the appeal, but I'm a convert now. They're such adorable, little fat dogs that do nothing but love + cuddle with you. All the feels. 

We wandered for a bit more, drove to the Wild Detectives (a tiny coffeeshop/hipster bookstore that's disguised as a house) to sip some green tea + chat with an old childhood friend of mine who's a senior at UD. Then we stopped at Cafe Brazil right down the street for dinner before we headed back to school. Steak quesadilla for the roomie, spinach + feta crepes for me - and coffee for both of us for the drive back!
They had delightful coffee flavors, like Snickers, Gingerbread, etc. I enjoyed a Rocky Road latte, and yes, it was just as good as it sounded. 

And that's our Dallas trip in a nut shell...I loved the clean, urban feel of the city and can't wait to go back. What are your plans for this week, friends? Any new coffee flavors you're loving? Summer's so close!


  1. The beauty of your photography never ceases to amaze me, Grace! You make me want to pack up my bags and catch the first flight down to Dallas =]

  2. Gorgeous photos, Grace, and what a lovely-looking place! Anthropologie- the best store ever. :) God bless you!

  3. That's so gorgeous. Dallas looks just amazing... the color, the sun... and the food, yum! Blessings!

  4. Looks like a lovely, lovely time. :) And Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores EVER. I have so little will power in there...

  5. How fun!! And, as always, fabulous photos. :)
    I'm hungry now from looking at all that delish food...I must try to recreate that Rocky Road latte, YUM!