Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1. Hands up for those who are very happy Lent is over! I'm wearing eyeliner + mascara today and it feels lovely.

2. I headed back to school yesterday with the best friend + her boyfriend, which meant a road trip, coffee + shopping in Houston. Cheers for selfies + ironic pensive faces

3. We stopped at a half-price bookstore tucked away in Houston called Kaboom was one of those old, endless bookshops that you'd see in a movie. So many old books in shelves that towered to the ceiling. I snagged a blue cover copy of The Great Gatsby as well as the Cranford Chronicles. 

5. Unbelievably excited about the Jersey Boys film coming out this summer...I saw the musical on Broadway last year in New York and fell. in. love. I am officially an old person and I don't care. 

6. I changed my lockscreen to an adorable picture of Matt Smith with the caption "I will seduce you with my awkwardness," which then led to me stumbling upon the Buzzfeed article about the 11 things Matt made cool on Doctor Who. Oh, Matt. Let's be best of friends. 

7. Let's talk babies, y'all. Not mine, don't worry - I'm not pregnant - but other people's. I think it's a result of being surrounded by teenagers/20-something year olds for four months, but I really just want to hold + love on a baby. The cuteness and tiny hands kill best friend misses holding her puppy, I miss holding babies. 

8. I got my first wedding invitation the other day that included a "plus-1" option. As in, not only am I invited to the wedding, I'm allowed to bring a date. And so it begins...the adult world of being accompanied to weddings by a SO (significant other). I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

9. The assistant photo editor for National Geographic came and spoke to a small group at my college; she talked about how the photo blog she runs, NG's Tumblr which she helped start, and other wonderful things. It was glorious and I want her life. Except with travel writing + fashion thrown in. 

10. I alternate between wanting to chop my hair off into a ridiculously cute + chic angled bob and recoiling in horror at the thought because it took. so. long. for my hair to get as long as it now. So...there's no way I'm actually going to cut it. But I keep wanting to. Talk me out of it, people!

11. As always, this is inspired by Jessica's RLW posts - also, the winner of the giveaway is Grace H!


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one relieved to be done with Lent. Oy.